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"Literature is an ax for the frozen sea within us."

Most books I intend to release are released within a day or two after being registered, so I don't have many books to send or trade.

The Sonora secret fast reading method

1. Do not do housework.
2. Carry a book everywhere you go, plus a spare, plus a magazine(in some courtrooms, I have to hide the book in the pages of a legal magazine to get away with reading)

3. Tune out the kids( I have learned to distinguish the "arterial bleeding" cry from the "he's thumping on me again" cry). As any mother knows, the real dangerous sound children make is the absence of sound.

4. Put your favorite show on television. Relax. Lean back on the bed or sofa. When the commercial starts, pick up the book, just to read during the commercial. Ten years later, you will have no idea who the "Friends" are, but you will have read a lot of books.

5. Watch the Weather Channel. A lot. It plays very soothing music to read by.

6. A kid in your neighborhood will cut your grass, for the price of one or two new hardback books. Hire the kid, and go to the library.

7. Develop allergies that require you to rest inside, in the a/c, during hot weather. A dust allergy will help you with #1.

8. Read while eating. Carry something heavy in your purse, like a PDA, to flatten the pages of the book while holding your sandwich.

9. Keep the restroom stocked with more than just TP.

10. Reward yourself for good behavior with reading. You dealt with ten emails? That's worth a chapter! Got a letter out? 50 pages! You'll be surprised how fast this adds up." target="_top">Free Web Site ALIGN="middle" HSPACE="4" VSPACE="2">" target="_top">Free Web Site Counter

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