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Well, the Ehlers-Danlos time bomb went off and I ruptured my aorta while in Rome. I came within minutes of death, and while I did not see a white light, I can tell you that the room in which I was scanned became eerily peaceful, tranquil, softly lit, and I remember thinking, "Wow...this is the best I've felt in months." Then I was wisked off to surgery. I'm pretty sure I was on my way to checking out during that moment. I'm sure glad I didn't, because I'd hate to leave my family while I was so far away from them. I love my life here, and I wasn't quite ready to leave it. If I live a long, long life, I'll be very happy.

The experience in the hospital was...well, let's just say that it's a good thing I have a great sense of humor! I learned Italian faster than a Roman 2 year-old (and about as well). Italy is socialist in its health care, so nothing is free. There was no soap, no hospital gown, no towels, and best of all - no lid on the toilet! Let that be no reflection on the surgeon, however. He saved my poor, little life. And, credit where it's due, I know that God was standing right beside me the whole time. You see, I was supposed to be in a very small village, outside of another very small village (Sienna). I made it to Rome only 3 hours before the rupture. I had a person who didn't know me, yet stood beside me to translate my emergency into Italian and complete my insurance forms. I had a great friend who created a diary of all activities and ensure that my doctors and family back home were in solid communication to find out more about the elusive VEDS. The surgeon was the #1 vascular surgeon in all of England and happened to be in Rome that day. I only received my surgery from him, because he spoke English. Also, they worked very hard to save my life because I am an American, and no one wants to lose an American on their turf. Everything fell exactly into place, and if I could truly express to you the tenuous chain that saved my life, it can only be credited to God.

I'm still recovering at home. I can't go back to work, or drive, just yet. I'm doing quite a bit of reading, and I've learned to be a better knitter.

I've updated my Wish List, because I've decided that I didn't read enough (or any, as the case may be) classical literature in high school/college, so I'm going to get some of what I missed! I'm hoping to swap/trade/etc. for some of what I've missed.

About me: I have VEDS - Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type IV. If you've never heard of EDS, please check it out here:

I have no children (due to the VEDS), but I do have 2 gorgeous nephews, Crash and Blaze, whom I love very much.

I act, play the violin, knit (but I knit only the most obnoxious things, unless you count a snuggly baby blanket, which is entirely my brother's fault...he's the one who produced said babies), indulge in sarcasm, dance, practice Yoga, camping, write, also indulge in erotica, photography (both photographing and being photographed), do boring accounting stuff to pay the bills, pursue new music (REALLY new, as in innovative, not pseud0-new, as in "radio-friendly"). I love to learn. I'm trying to perfect Spanish and French and would love to learn more new languages. I love Rockabilly and the 50s, but I also love Punk and New Wave, in addition to Celtic and Bluegrass. I review music for Sparechange Magazine. There's just about nothing that I won't try and just about nothing that I don't like.
I also love traveling and British humor.
Yeah, that covers a small corner of my personality, I suppose.

Favorite Authors: Hunter S. Tompson, Tom Robbins, Rebecca Wells, Tom Dorsey, Wally Lamb, Anais Nin, A.N. Roquelaure (when I'm in the mood to read it), and many more.

UPDATE: If you see something on my "To Be Read" list that interests you, let me know, and I'll move it up the list to swap with you quickly. Cheers!

Here's that Wishlist I was telling you about:

Thank you Cliff for housing my Wish List!" width="129" alt="My Wish List" height="42" border="0" />

in case any one is interested. Thanks for looking!
>^..^< SlicKitty

P.S. Should you ever see me out the world...doing things that you believe are wrong, remember; I'm not perfect, just forgiven.

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