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My Multicultural background:

Born in Uruguay, was adopted into a very ITALIAN family as a newborn -consider myself Italian, including passport to prove it: ), went to a FRENCH school for 10 years and graduated as a French teacher in 1978 (!), studied ENGLISH for many years, and moved to VIENNA, AUSTRIA in 1993. In April 2007 moved to Toronto Canada, where I work for the time being in Multilingual Tech Support for Logitech (Harmony Remote). .

The Personal Stuff:

Six children, living in different parts of the world -very hard!- single but "taken" :), a rebel in my personal philosophy, I belong to, a traveling community that changed my life, and keeps me busy and happy, I love to cook, and as proof of my parenting skills I can show agnostic kids and a daughter that is becoming a pentecostal Minister, with ordination and all.

My daughter describes my lifestyle as SINFUL, which produced my nickname! This makes for very interesting dinner discussions, believe me!

I consider my best achievement the way my children are with each other. I swear it very often brings tears to my eyes to see how much love they share and how how close they are. Perhaps because it can't be easy to have such an unconventional mother!

Additionally, I breed cats for now, although I realize this will have to stop soon because I really do not have the time and own the most beautiful Siamese in the world -a very objective statement, of course- and I and I am very committed to many mental health causes and issues. Self help books can be found with me, but I am not sure how many may be ready for release.

Anything else I left out? Please be curious and ask! I have no problems sharing my personal info as you can see :) (not with dangerous psychopaths if possible, though).

The Academic and Work Stuff

I studied Law for three years (to fulfill a family wish) and trained as an executive trilingual secretary in College, but my passion is Psychology. I have a patchwork career. I I studied Clinical Psychology up to the Masters Degree, Doctorate in Social Psychology, and extensive training as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Only the last training is currently in use due to legal limitations when I came to Austria (could not afford to do the licensing while working full time and raising family). Before, I worked as a Project Manager, Translator, Teacher Secretary and IT Specialist for IBM, the United Nations, and some government agencies.

My specialities are the areas of Partnership and Sexuality. . I represented artists and musicians for a while as well and owned shops, managed a Hotel...(what haven't I done?). I am VERY HAPPY HERE IN TORONTO!!! This pages were recently updated in August 2007. The "taken" part is so recent that I am shocked I even dared to write it, but since it is the upgrade of one of my best friends, I decided to go for it.... who knows?

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Name: Maria, a.k.a. Sinful Ways

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