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Born 1988, 21st of November in… Where do the story about me begin? Is it with birth? Then this would be a long novel. Or is it when I decide to do something that change my life for eternity…

I’ve done some stupid things, I’ve done some smart things. I’ve made people proud and I’ve let people down. I’ve made them laugh, cry, shout and fall in love. I’ve broke their hearts. I’ve mend their hearts. I’ve helped them go on, I’ve been there for them when they need me.

I’ve loved, hated, kissed, laughed, danced, acted, ignored, cared, break, mend, tear apart, leave, come home, find, loose, win, walked, ran, fled, fight, scream, cry, slept, watched, read, wrote, listened, played, sang, paid, sent, received, attracted, thought, decided, lived, but not yet died.

To explain me would take a lifetime, a lifetime that’s not over yet. Do you wanna know me, really wanna know me? From inside out? I’m sorry, you won’t. I can tell you about me, I can write down everything I’ve done but it still won’t give you even a small picture of who I am. You should have been there to know. You should have experienced the same thing as me to understand.

No regrets. No yesterday. There is only this, today. And we can hope that tomorrow will come.

Live, now, tomorrow, you might be dead. Don’t think twice, do what your heart tells you to do. Don’t hide your feelings, don’t hide yourself. Stop running away, stop for a moment. Look around, who is there? Are you here?

Strangers are only friends waiting to be discovered. But be careful, there is stupid people out there. People not worthy of your attention, people wanting to use you and then ditch you. Leave them, keep your friends close, ignore your enemies.

Still wanting to try to know me?

"I'm too stubborn to give up.
Too strong to be weak.
Too alive to die..."
-Marion Norrgard

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