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"Reading is one of the best ways to take yourself out of your day-to-day world and escape for awhile. Go out and get that book you have been really wanting to read"- Stephanie Goddard Davidson

I happened across this website because my daughter picked up a book that another member had released. When I got home and went to the site I was hooked. I love to read and pick up many books at thrift stores and garage sales (another vice of mine) just because the titles speak to me. However when I am done with them I just never knew what to do with them. What a great outlet to give my opinions on what I had just read, and then to "release it for another to read and journal. I don't have a particular genre I prefer, however I don't really care for the "Harlequin-type" romance novels, the "Janet Evanovich- type" mysteries, or non fiction. Now, that doesn't mean I won't occasionally read one. I find myself bouncing from genre to genre from one book to the next to keep it fresh and new.

I have two favorite authors, Stephen King and Laurell K. Hamilton. I read everything that they write and always keep in my personal collection. I am one of those people who can always reread a book (even though I haven't done so in a very long time due to my increasingly large TBR pile). I am (as one of favorite authours Laurell K Hamilton once called me) a "Shelf Purist". Which means if I have a book (in or out of a series) in hardback, I must then have it in paperback or vice versa. So many times I will have two or three different copies of the same book.

How I use the book settings:
TBR- I am going to read these in the future. Feel free to PM me for any book you would like to read, and I will move it up on my list and read it before I send it to you. This means patience may be required and I may not send it out of the country (it will all depend on costs and where I am financially).
AVL- This means I have read the book and if you would like it I will send it to you (again out of the country will depend on finances). It also means these are going to be the ones I will use for my wild releases.
RES- These are books that once I let my friends or family read will move to my AVL list and soon will be released.
PC- These are my books that I keep for my collection and I will not send these books, so please do not ask.

A bit more about me:

I have two dogs, four horses, four cats (2 indoor and 2 barn), and a plethora of wild critters hanging out with me at my self proclaimed "Castle of Chaos". I compete in Barrel Racing with my horses and absolutely love the adrenaline rush. My profile picture is of me and my horse Buck. In my downtime (haha..what is that??) I enjoy reading (duh), scrapbooking, doing puzzles, playing HayDay, and playing with the dogs and horses.

I enjoy sending of "surprise RABCK" and like putting items in with it so I usually will look at a profile to get a glimpse of what that person may like. So, with that in mind I ask you to check out your own profile and think if someone wanted to surprise me would they know what I like? If not I encourage you to add something. So I am following my own advice and making a list below.

Things I like:
~Chocolate/Candy- Ghiradelli Carmels are my favorite, Hershey's is my second favorite. I don't like nuts or dark chocolate. As far as candy goes I like it all besides black licorice or sour candy.
~Scrapbooking- stickers, stamps, punches, just about anything
~Bookmarks, Magnets, and Ornaments- I am trying to collect from all over world.
~Anything Bookcrossing of course!

"Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of the day makes that day happier." - Kathleen Norris

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