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Never, knowingly, puts a good book down!

It's some years now, since my dear little dog was put to sleep aged 17 years 7 months and 5 days. He's buried in our plot at the pet cemetery near Kingsbridge, alongside his former playmates.

I love to read for pleasure, but there just doesn't seem to be enough free time to do so. My blog is well out of date for the same reason. My favourite books are 'foodie' and travel so when the two are mixed - woohoo!

The books on my shelf here are only some of the books we have. I don't list my 'keepers' now. "Him Indoors" has books from floor to ceiling in his den, mostly horror and auto/biographies, none of which are registered here.

Earliest reading memories
Having been missed from the classroom since asking to go to the toilet, the Reception class teacher found me in the stall, chanting "Kitty of Plymouth, Kitty of Plymouth" as I read the hard, crispy loo roll imprinted with the logo, 'City Of Plymouth'. Of course, Kitty of Plymouth became my nickname for a while, but I never did find the bit with my name on.
Another memory was struggling with the word 'swing' in the Janet and John books.

Despite still saying that "Life's too short to read fiction" my Dad, now 90, had a beautiful leatherbound & goldleaf book on the top shelf of our bookcase.
It was called "A Century of Horror" and I remember frequently getting home from primary school, climbing up the back of an armchair to reach this prize, then settling into the chair to scare myself silly until Mum got home, great stuff!.

Apart from the usual children's classics, I also loved the Fairy Books. I scoured the shelves at the local library for any new additions the the Red, Yellow, Indigo etc books. I also enjoyed the Famous five and Secret Seven but, about the age of 9, I was told at school, that these were rubbish because "children can't catch criminals" and was then made to read Walter Scott's "The Talisman" - I hated it! Also, I remember some of those awfully boring books you had to read if you were to gain points for the Good Readers Circle awards..

I began reading Agatha Christies when I was about 11. I borrowed one from my Mum when on a particularly boring camping trip. Later I went on to read Dennis Wheatley followed by Stephen King and James Herbert.

Will read mostly anything (including food ingredient labels!) but I'm not keen on War, Westerns, Romance or Jilly Cooper.

SPOOKY! - Whilst rummaging through boxes of books at a boot sale a while ago, Him Indoors found a tattered copy of 'A Century of Horror' mentioned above. I suddenly recalled that I did have another copy of this book, long after my Dad's was loaned/lost/given away.

Mine was a cheaper edition than Dad's, and I probably gave it away when I moved out of the parental home. This book looked very familiar, even the damage and some pencil marks inside! Has my book found me again after almost 30 years? One thing's for sure, it's home to stay now.

Reading, sunshine, cider, dogs and Marmite.
Slugs, snails, maggots, lice and seafood (because most seafood looks like slugs, snails, maggots and giant lice).

I heard a great quote not so long ago on a reality TV programme when the young lady was offered oysters "Yuk - it looks like a shell-full of phlegm". - I do so agree girl.

Also a quote from Christian, a character in India Knight's 'My Life on a Plate' says "Don't you think that oysters look exactly like ashtrays on which one has sneezed?"

Learning how to open oysters on Hell's Kitchen, Jim Davidson described them as "Snot in salt water"

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