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I am an ecclectic reader. Captivated by different cultures. Reading has been by far my most effective method of escape. Book discussions use to be a real passion for me. Older books I enjoyed are "The Navigator", by Morris West. "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" and many classics as well as light popular fiction . I enjoy Sojourners magazine so that should give you an insight into some of my thought processes. I collect childrens literature and thrive on good written political debates. I find jewels in all religious foundations and cannot stop my thirst for written enjoyment both fact and fiction. Lillian Jackson Braun is to me very enjoyable and also enjoy Grisham, Nora Roberts and old Michener such as The Source. I love animals and own a feline trio.

MY WISH LIST>>: Anything by Rudyard Kipling , A Walk In The Woods, Poetry, well illustrated childrens literature, Mariah Stewart novels, Carlos Castaneda particluarly The Writings of Don Juan, Shabanu by Suzanne Fisher Staples, Noon In Calcutta, books by Andres Robinson and Krishna Dutta, on the lighter side any books for children by Stephen Cosgrove..Jake O'Shaunesey ...poetry from around the world, Welsh literature and or history, Jonathan Livingston Seagull ...books by Lindsey Davis, Sharon Kay Penman books, as well as any historical fiction.


Other Diversions

My Son's home page is here.

Cliff1976 WishList Database This is the best place to find others who want to read your books. You can also WISH for books you want here.

Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness
Oh boy! This site gives you addresses around the world and links those addresses to BookCrossing and Cliff1976's Wishlist Database. Now I can send out some of those books people haven't requested by Personal Message yet!

BookCrosser's Birthdays
Every year, I celebrate a birthday. All of us do! But bookcrossing has made it more fun! Now, using this link I can celebrate hundreds of birthdays. I can also send surprise birthday presents using above! What fun! Texas Wren also posts birthdays here.

Wren's Crossing
I love her site! Wren's Crossing is an excellent supplement to bookcrossing. And she named it for one of my favorite birds! I love little Jenny Wrens! Anyway, Wren's Crossing is so helpful and creative it will make you a better bookcrosser than you ever wanted to be!

Maybe you would like to exchange postcards with people all over the world?! This site helps you do that in a fun BookCrosser Friendly way!

Letterboxing & Geocaching
I haven't done any of this yet, but it sounds like great fun! With letterboxes you are treasure hunting for handmade rubberstamps and adding to a Letterboxing journal. Here is a better explanation. Here is the page you need to get started on, and here are the clues to start hunting for hidden treasures! What awesome fun! Geocaching is a lot like this, but I think letterboxing is much more fun.

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