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The little guy above is straight out of Copyright them. Yay them.

This account strictly exists for the purpose of randomly giving away books secretly. Sometimes I respond to referrals but I never respond to requests. So, if you know someone who deserves a surprise, feel free to write me why and, if you include their address, I will most likely send them a REFFERRED ACT OF BOOKCROSSING KINDNESS. If you don't want to send me their address, PM me their screen name and I will ask them if I can surprise them.

I am starting a new project: a book to each state. I was going to try a book a week, but that might take too long. In my other identity, I have dozens of physical mailing addresses, so I can start this project without any referrals. Later, I might ask for some, especially as some addresses may be out of date and a few people may no longer have Internet access.

50 State Challenge

The big issue here will be keeping this Challenge from interferring with my "real" bookcrossing ID. :-) The list of books sent is in alphabetical order by state, not the order in which they were sent out. Otherwise, I might miss a state and that would be bad.

Alabama -- "A Place Called Freedom"
Alaska -- "Freshman Schemes."
Arizona -- "The Bermuda Triangle"
Arkansas -- "Generation EX: Tales from the Second Wives Club"
California -- "Icon"
Colorado -- "RETURN OF JEDI: POP-UP"
Delaware -- "FICTION"
Florida -- "Goodbye, Janette."
Georgia -- "Satellite Night Fever"
Hawaii -- "Everasting"
Idaho -- "Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing."
Illinois -- "The Spirit to Serve."
Indiana -- "Short Subject"
IOWA -- "Bunnicula Trilogy Collection"
Kansas -- "His Mistress's Secret (Mistress to a Millionaire)"
Kentucky -- "When Summer's in the Meadow."
Louisiana -- "The Laurel and Hardy Murdersd."
Maine -- "Jinxed"
Maryland -- "The Ultimate Politically Correct Storybook"
Massachusetts -- "Slipping into Shadows"
Michagan -- "City of Light, City of Dark."
Minnesota -- "Critical Judgement"
Missouri -- "Storm"
Nebraska -- "Scandalous Risks"
Nevada -- "Love in Another Town"
New Hampshire -- "Cassandra Robbins, ESQ"
New Jersy -- "Benefits"
New Mexico -- "Red Army"
New York -- "Generation EX"
North Carolina -- "Winter Morning (Babies & Bachelors USA NC)"
Ohio -- "Dangerous (Dangerous to Love USA)"
Oklahoma -- "Where the Heart Is"
Pennsylvania -- "Maggie's Miscellany (Babies & Bachelors USA, Pennsylvania)"
Rhode Island -- "The Empty Cooper Sea"
TEXAS -- "Wanted: Christmas Mommy"
Virginia -- "Generation EX: Tales of the Ex-Wives Club."
Washington -- "Generation EX"
West Virginia -- "Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder"
Wisconsin -- "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

Titles sent do not necessarily reflect my opinion of the state or the giftee. Unless it's something reaaaaally nice. ;-)

Am I missing Your State?

PM me with your address and I'll send you a book.

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