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From Honley, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Age 50
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I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't reading, and often I prefer the company of a book to other people. Is it strange?
I love many different sorts of books, but I'm now focusing on fantasy: amazing books, and loads of them to discover!

The books I've read in 2020:

1. "The bonehunters", Steven Erikson (F)
2. "The philosophy files", Stephen Law (NF)
3. "Reaper's gale", Steven Erikson (F)
4. "The little book of emotional intelligence", Andrew Cope (NF)
5. "Do polar bears get lonely?", Mick O'Hare (NF)
6. "League of dragons", Naomi Novik (F)
7. "The starless sea", Erin Morgenstern (F)
8. "Little women", Louisa May Alcott (F)(R)
9. "Good wives", Louisa May Alcott (F)
10. "The deed of Paksenarrion (omnibus)", Elizabeth Moon (F)
11. "Skyward", Brandon Sanderson (F)
12. "The alchemist of souls", Anne Lyle (F)(R)
13. "The merchant of dreams", Anne Lyle (F)(R)
14. "The prince of lies", Anne Lyle (F)(R)
15. "The priory of the orange tree", Samantha Shannon (F)
16. "Friends like these", Danny Wallace (NF)(R)
17. "Age of assassins", R.J. Barker (F)
18. "King of assassins", R.J. Barker (F)
19. "Blood of assassins", R.J. Barker (F)
20. "Prince of thorns", Mark Lawrence (F)(R)
21. "King of thorns", Mark Lawrence (F)(R)
22. "Emperor of thorns", Mark Lawrence (F)(R)
23. "Turning darkness into light", Marie Brennan (F)
24. "Foundryside", Robert Jackson Bennett (F)
25. "Toll the hounds", Steven Erikson (F)
26. "Invisible women", Caroline Criado Perez (NF)
27. "Dust of dreams", Steven Erikson (F)
28. "The crippled god", Steven Erikson (F)
29. "Messy", Tim Harford (NF)
30. "Crystal of storms", Rhyanna Pratchett (F)
31. "Confessions of a bookseller", Shaun Bythell (NF)
32. "Piranesi", Susannah Clarke (F)
33. "Talking to strangers", Malcolm Gladwell (NF) --> current
34. "A time of dread", John Gwynne (F)(R)
35. "A time of blood", John Gwynne (F) --> current
36. "The ancestor's tale", Richard Dawkins (NF)(R) --> current

(R)= re-read
(F)= Fiction
(NF)= Non-Fiction
(DNF) = Did not finish

--> link for my 2005 to 2019 Books Read List

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