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From Honley, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
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I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't reading, and often I prefer the company of a book to other people. Is it strange?
I love many different sorts of books, but I'm now focusing on fantasy: amazing books, and loads of them to discover!

The books I've read in 2021:

1. "The guns of empire", Django Wexler (F)
2. "The infernal battalion", Django Wexler (F)
3. "The secret commonwealth", Philip Pullman (F)
4. "Becoming", Michelle Obama (NF)
5. "The kingdom of liars", Nick Martell (F)
6. "The fall of the phoenix", Daniel Kelly (F)
7. "The dragon waiting", John M. Ford (F)
8. "The midnight library", Matt Haig (F)
9. "Black sun", Rebecca Roanhorse (F)
10. "The binding", Bridget Collins (F)
11. "A hero's welcome", Daniel Kelly (F)
12. "The unspoken name", A.K. Larkwood (F)
13. "Come rain or come shine", Kazuo Ishiguro (F)
14. "Caderneta de cromos", Nuno Markl (NF) (R)
15. "The girl and the stars", Mark Lawrence (F)
16. "The deathless", Peter Newman (F) (R)
17. "The ruthless", Peter Newman (F)
18. "The boundless", Peter Newman (F)
19. "The secret barrister", Secret Barrister (NF)
20. "Shorefall", Robert Jackson Bennett (F)
21. "Breaking news", Alan Rusbridger (NF)
22. "City of brass", S.A. Chakraborty (F)
23. "More than a woman", Caitlin Moran (NF)
24. "Kingdom of copper", S.A. Chakraborty (F)
25. "The secret economist", Tim Harford (NF)
26. "Empire of gold", S.A. Chakraborty (F)
27. "Living with the long-term effects of cancer", Cordelia Galgut (NF)
28. "Everyday sexism", Laura Bates (NF)
29. "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine", Gail Honeyman (F)
30. "The long way to a small, angry planet", Becky Chambers (F)
31. "Born to be mild", Rob Temple (NF)
32. "Practical mindfulness", Mike Annesley (NF)
33. "Children of earth and sky", Guy Gavriel Kay (F)
34. "Read me like a book", Liz Kessler (F)
35. "The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle", Stuart Turton (F)
36. "Swimming with sharks", Joris Luyendijk (NF)
37. "The unbroken", C.L. Clark (F)
38. "The wonder", Emma Donoghue (F)
39. "City of lies", Sam Hawke (F)
40. "How not to be wrong", James O'Brien (NF)
41. "The outcasts of time", Ian Mortimer (F) (DNF)
42. "The tiger's daughter", K. Arsenault Rivera (F)
43. "Mother of invention", Katrine Marçal (NF)
44. "The maleficent seven", Cameron Johnston (F)
45. "Surrounded by idiots", Thomas Erikson (NF)
46. "A dead djinn in Cairo", P. Djeli Clark (F)
47. "A master of djinn", P. Djeli Clark (F)
48. "Starsight", Brandon Sanderson (F)
49. "Irenicon", Aidan Harte (F) --> current
50. "An introduction to coping with anxiety", Brenda Hogan, Lee Brosan (NF) --> current

(R)= re-read
(F)= Fiction
(NF)= Non-Fiction
(DNF) = Did not finish

--> link for my 2005 to 2020 Books Read List

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