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San Antonio BXers Bookshelf

This shelf is for the San Antonio BXers to track in one place books we've mass released or plan to mass release.

It all started with an most good things do. My idea was to squirrel away as many books as I could over time from my purchases and from acquisitions from other BXers. Once I had a good number of books, I'd do a dedicated amount of book releasing on the south end of San Antonio.

Why there? I grew up on that side of town. I knew that throughout my childhood there were zero bookstores in the area. If my family wanted a book we had to take a bus or later, when we had a car we had to drive across town to get a book. That's an hour to hour and a half bus ride or a 20-30 minute car trip. Long ways to go to buy a book...

SO, the going was slow on my secret project. I was broke most of the time and I wasn't picking up a lot of BC books. When target=new>First-Noel came back from the 2004 BC Convention in St. Louis she told our Yahoo group about a BXer who had done a mass book release by parking a wheelbarrow FULL of books somewhere and encouraging people to take a free book (while proselytizing about BC of course!). This gave me the kick in the pants to get moving on my own idea and I stole her idea of using a wheelbarrow to set out books. After a month of asking other San Antonio BXers to clean out their bookshelves, getting a few books from out of state, and First-Noel pleading our cause in the BC forums we ended up with over 600 books!

On Memorial Day May 31, 2004 we set out to a local national park named Espada Park on the south side of town. Many people congregate there to BBQ and go fishing on regular weekends so I figured a holiday weekend would be the perfect time to see a bunch of people to whom these free books could go. Unfortunately the Parks people thought it was a good time to close up the main road into the park...for construction...on a national holiday!!! No matter, we made the best of it and of the 600 or so books I only ended up with about 150 books not taken. These books are now on this bookshelf so these charity-event books can be tracked all in one shelf instead of in our individual shelves.

Since then books which were left over from the 2005 Bookcrossing Convention as well as other books have been added.

Please keep in mind that these books are primarily for mass book releases.

Please visit target=syn>my personal bookshelf!

Thanks! target=syn>Synergy

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