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From Taastrup, København Amt Denmark
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Det er min egen hund på billedet, han hedder Futte.
Opkaldt efter Garfields gode ven Futte.
Futte er en Collie.

Read in 2012:
1.The little ships of Dunkirk by Christian Brann
2.Ligger godt i maven. S.C. Van, Daloons grundlægger by Ditlev Tamm
3.Søkrig i dansk farvande vol.2 by Poul Bech

Read in 2011:
1.Dommedag Als by Tom Buk-Swienty
2.Schlachtschiff Tirpitz by Jochen Brennecke
3.Eisenbahner in krieg und frieden by Karl Eugen Hahn
4.Iron coffins by Herbert A. Werner
5.Hitler´s spy chief by Richard Basset
6.U-boat ace by Jordan Vause
7.Memoirs by B.L.Montgomery
8.The sterling story by Michael J.F. Bowyer
9.Skies to Dunkirk by Victor Goddard
10.Bomber's moon by Negley Farson
11.Welsh guards at war by L.F.Ellis

Read in 2010:
1.Øjeblikkelige eventyr by Knud Holten
2.The Spanish Armadas by Winston Graham
3.Business in great waters by John Terraine
4.The Grand Fleet by John Jellicoe
5.Code name Mulberry by Guy Hartcup
6.Med livet i hælene by Michael Larsen
7.U-333 by Peter Cremer
8.50 grader nord by Alan Easton
9.A Sailor's Odyssey by Andrew Browne Cunningham
10.Skibet der forsvandt by Lars & Morten Halskov
11.The smoke screen of Jutland by John Irving
12.Firemen at War by Neil Wallington
13.Verdammte See by Cajus Bekker
14.Die geschichte der deutschen panzerwaffe 1916-1945 by Walther K. Nehring
15.Deutschlands Hochseeflotte im Weltkrieg by Admiral Scheer
16.Overlord by Max Hastings
17.D-dag by Antony Beevor
18.1914-1918. Danskere på Vestfronten by Claus B. Christensen
19.Himmel og helvede by Kirsten Thorup
20.Mona Lisa overdrive by William Gibson

Read in 2009:
1.Vi, de druknede by Carsten Jensen
2.Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama
3.Triumph in the West by Arthur Bryant
4.On to Westward by Robert Sherrod
5.Iwo Jima by Richard F. Newcomb
6.Eastern Approaches by Fitzroy Maclean
7.Churchill. 1940-1965. Kampen for at overleve by Lord Moran
8.Søkrig i dansk farvande vol.1 by Poul Bech
9.Slagtebænk Dybbøl 18.April 1864 by Tom Buk-Swienty
10.Dunkirk. Kamp til sidste mand by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore
11.Erindringer, bind 1+2. by Winston S. Churchill
12.Dagen efter imorgen by Allan Folsom
13.Pearl Harbor by Bo Østlund
14.4 måneder i himlen og 5 i helvede by Martin Østergaard
15.Winston Churchill by Henry Pelling

Read in 2008:
1.Wartime Britain 1939-1945 by Juliet Gardiner
2.Breve til Sussi by Herbert Pundik
3.Mit fædrende land by Wibke Bruhns
4.Over mørke vande by Robert Radcliffe
5.Pigen på pudderdåsen by Lars Holmgaard Jørgensen
6.Fars historie by Niels Hartmann
7.Johnny and the Hurrycanes by Bjarne Reuter
8.The Longest Night by Gavin Mortimer
9.Sharnhorst by Alf R. Jacobsen
10.Up close and Personal by David Lee
11.Rytterkongen, Christian 10. by Knud J.V.Jespersen
12.Flamme-Øglens Tåre by Knud Holten
13.The Turn of the Tide by Arthur Bryant
14.Atlantvolden på Fanø by Henning Brinch
15.Dieppe by Terence Robertson
16.Mellem bomber og torpedoer by Martin Bantz.
17.Inferno. The Devastation of Hamburg,1943 by Keith Lowe
18.Between you and me by Mike Wallace
19.Schalburg by Mikkel Kirkebæk
20.Hun har det hele by Lotte Garbers

Read in 2007:
1.Du kan hvis du tør by Herbert Pundik
2.The real cruel sea by Richard Woodman
3.Winston's War by Michael Dobbs
4.Never surrender by Michael Dobbs
5.Churchill's Hour by Michael Dobbs
6.Først grå så hvidt så blåt by Margriet de Moor
7.Battles with the Luftwaffe by Theo Boiten and Martin Bowman
8.Arctic Convoys 1941 – 1945 by Richard Woodman
9.S-Boote 1939-1945 by Jean-Philippe Dallies-Labourdette
10.Destroyer by Ian Hawkins
11.Lucca by Jens Christian Grøndahl
12.Der bombenkrieg, by Otus Verlag
13.Winston Churchill by Roy Jenkins

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