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Altoona - Next Meeting November 20th at the 17th Street SuperSheetz.

State College - I'm open to suggestions for a time and place that suits. PM me.

Any reference to me, I, mine etc. is referring to SCOBCZ's mild mannered alter ego, LyekkaMarengo.

After almost 3 years Stone Soup has ceased operation.

State College's second OBCZ is located in Webster's Cafe on Aaron. Information about this OBCZ can be found here: BookCrossing Zone at Webster's Cafe on Aaron

I set this bookcrossing shelf (SCOBCZ) up long before Stone Soup agreed to host a zone and intentionally made a non-specific shelf. If I find another place to host a zone I'll add the info. In the meantime, stop over at Webster's on Aaron for coffee, tea, pastry, lunch and books.

I have started a Yahoo Group for anyone that wants to join. You can either use the button below or PM your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite."
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Click to join CentralPABookCrossing

For any questions or problems contact me through my personal (LyekkaMarengo) shelf below:

My Bookshelf

If there are any local bookcrossers who would like to join my effort, PM from my personal page.

Since I haven't read any of these books none of these books will not have a rating and don't take the categories too seriously since I am sometimes only guessing.

Just a quick note on the status settings. Since I tend to be just little on the obsessive/compulsive side, I am currently keeping track of what gets taken and what other bookcrossers. This actually has a practical side since it will give me an idea of what types of books people are taking. Besides I LOVE to make lists. (So I have a few peculiarities. You should have met my mother.) If you have left a book you will get a journal entry alert from SCOBCZ when I notice it's there. Anyway, books set as AVAILABLE by SCOBCZ are ones that are stuffed in my closet at home waiting for release. (If any locals folks see an available book they would like to read, just contact me.) Books set by SCOBCZ as RESERVED are ones that are no longer on the bookshelf but have not yet been journaled by the readers who took them. All other status setting will likely be from other BCer's. One new addition to status settings - any book marked TBR by LyekkaMarengo means that I would like to read it first. But if you want the book just PM me and I'll put it on the short list to read.

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