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From Sugar Land, Texas USA
Joined Friday, February 07, 2003
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In December 2002 I read an article about bookcrossing and loved the idea of reading and sharing books with the world. Of course I had to join and have enjoyed it ever since.

I have recently updated my bookshelf and have a lot of books I would be willing to share, trade or set free but would prefer other dedicated Book Crossers who would be willing to journal the adventures of these books.

If you see a book you would be interested in and it has been labeled "to be read", email me and I will try to move it up the list to be read sooner.

Happy reading!

Bookrays I have started:

"Broken Chord"
by: Michael Dorris

Life's Little Instruction Book ...with a Twist!
by: H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Bookrings I have participated in:

"Candy Freak":
by: Steve Almond
Sponsored by: BigKat

"13 Reasons Why"
by: Jay Asher
Sponsored by: FireyFairie (Meg)

Book Mark *Labels* Ring
Sponsored by: MyssCynn
Sent to me by: hyphen8
Back to MyssCynn (ended)

Surprise Bookring
Sponsored by: cat02886
Received from: debbie4osu
Book: "Open House" by: Elizabeth Berg
Next: BouncingFerret (NY)
Sent: "Astrid and Veronika" by: Linda Olsson

Bookrays I have participated in:

"Under the Tuscan Sun, at home in Italy"
by: Frances Mayes
Sponsored by: geniedances

"The Meaning Of Life"
by: Bradley Trevor Greive
sponsored by: Fanclub
Sent to me by: Olysmom

"At the Villa Of Reduced Circumstances"
by: Alexander McCall Smith
Sponsored by: Geniedances
Sent to me by: DreissM

"Broken For You"
by: Stephanie Kallos
sponsored by: DoveiLibra
sent to me by: DovieLibra

Daniel Isn't Talking
by: Marti Leimbach
sponsored by: kiki66
sent to me by: HappyHarryBabe

I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced
by: Nujood Ali
sponsored by: Hypehn 8 (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Sent to me by: Heartthumper (KS)
Sent to: Wolfidy (NY)
Book Boxes I have participated in:

"Something For Everyone"
by: Mary'sgirlu

"Shrinking Christmas Book Box" (Dec. 2010)
By: Loriped

"Spread Your Wings and Fly" (Sept. 2011)
by: BooksToGive
Books chosen:
Angela's Ashes
The Summer House

New Release Book Box (May 2015)
Sponsored by: K00kaburra (CA)
Books chosen:
The Fifth Assassin
The Presidents as Children

Virtual Book Boxes (VBB) I have participated in:

Mystery/Thriller/Suspense VBB
Sponsored by: bookstogive
Books I chose:
Civil Blood: A Civil War (eicuthbertson)
Stone Cold by: David Baldacci (bookstogive)
Tyrannosaur Canyon by: Douglas Preston (bookstogive)
The Lost Symbol by: Dan Brown (BKind2Books)

US Non-Fiction VBB
sponsored by: booklady331
books I chose:
Drop Dead Healthy by: A.J. Jacobs (booklady331)
I'll Pass For Your Comrade: Women Soldiers in the Civil War by: Anita Silvey (hyphen8)

Women in Fiction VBB Round 3
sponsored by: Meg72
books I chose:
The Reluctant Landlady by: Bernadette Strachan -Billbooks (Australia)
Second Honeymoon by: Joanna Trollope -Billbooks (Australia)
Poppyland by: Raffaella Barker -Sedna5213 (Germany)

Audiobook VBB US only
sponsored by: iwillrejoice
books I chose:
The Secret Life Of Bees
Anne Of Green Gables
We Are All Welcome Here by: Elizabeth Burg

General Literature VBB Round 12
sponsored by: bookstogive
books I chose:

Challenges I have participated in:

Random/Not so Random Acts of Kindness
2015 Wish List
Sponsored by: SCOUT-FINCH

One Book A Month
Sponsored by: motherof11
Won May 2015 book:
The Post Birthday World

Events I have participated in:
"NSSHS" or Not-So-Secret-Halloween Surprise 2006
sponsored by: Safrolistics
Package sent to: Queenfrog in Canada

"2010 Halloween Book and Treat"
sponsored by: Apoloniax
Package sent to: TiffanyAching
Received package from:
West Lodge Crathes Castle, Scotland

"2010 Ornament Exchange"
sponsored by: TexasWren
ornament sent to:
Lesley Southgate, Suffolk UK

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