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Hello BC friends! I'm a medical student and a former editor/book reviewer who was active on Goodreads and my own former blog until I started my medical journey. I love science, nature, animals, the arts, and, well, so many different things it is impossible to list them all.

I'm an animal lover and spend a lot of time tending to feral and stray cats in my area. I own one cat (the one wrapped in a blanket in my profile image) and had two dogs who have since passed. I've been told I should have studied vet med instead of human medicine, but despite hating school, I love what I learn, and I love my clinical interactions with patients.

If someone is looking for hints on things I enjoy for HGG or birthday/whatever, here are some suggestions:
- I'm really girly and love pink. Lip balms, hair accessories, fun things. Also bonus if it's cozy.
- I love animals, especially cats, penguins, narwhals/any aquatic mammals, owls, wild cats, raccoons, and GSDs and Labrador retrievers.
- I love science themed things. I'm a daughter of a chemist, and I have a degree in science and am studying medicine. Right now, I'm wearing a shirt from the Bodies exhibit with a pair of double helix earrings.
- I'm interested in low waste and sustainable options for things.
- Tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate: love to drink warm drinks
- I'm vegetarian and appreciate new recipes
- I support several charitable organizations; some of my favorites are Girl Scouts of America, World Vision, Ronald McDonald House, American Diabetes Association, and my local hospital and animal rescue. Donations to any organization similar to these would be much appreciated.
- I like some anime (card captor sakura and sailor moon are top faves)
- I love Pingu, Pink Panther, the organs from Awkward Yeti, the Kate Beaton web comics, Cat vs Human, Pusheen, Miffy, and Gumby things
- Rubber stamps and stamp pads
- Pens, other stationery items
- Books; even if they're not on my wishlist, I read a wide variety of things. No erotica or Harlequin Romances, and nothing alt-right related/anti-immigrant, but I'm open to anything else, and even if I don't enjoy it, I love having a pile for wild releases.
- Surprises. I'm usually the one doing for others, so it's nice to be surprised in return once in a while.

I am the holder of BOOKWORMINUSALL and Chicvolley99's addresses, so if you would like to surprise either one of them with an RABCK, please send me a PM so that I can send you the info. Additionally, BOOKWORMINUSALL has kindly agreed to hold my address for RABCKs, etc.

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