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Hello all!
Sorry about all the books, alot of them are mismarked. A few months ago I went through all my books amd massreleased almost all of them. Unfortunately, I am still going through and releasing them. So not all of them are marked correctly.
Also, I'm not able to trade books any longer due to lack of funds, but I will continue to release in the Gainesville area. Thank you everyone for all the kindness you've shown me with the postcards, rabcks and trading!!

Available = Available for Trade or Release
To Be Read = I haven't read it yet, and I may want to keep if afterwards, or have someone in mind to send it to when I'm done with it.

Please do not ask for TBRs.
Permanent Collection = Means either that I cannot possibly stand to let this one go, or it will make the rounds of all my non-bookcrossing friends and I might never see or hear from it ever again.
Reserved = Means this book is spoken for and is not open to send to anyone but the person who asked for it.

Also, I really don't have the funds for trading internationally (outside of the US and Canada).

P Painful
O Odd
C Cheerful
H Haunting
A Amazing
C Cute
C Classy
O Outrageous

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Here's My Wishlist! Please let me know if you have anything on here.
Oh, and it may be helpful to sort it by Author. ;-)
Thanks a lot!" border="0" alt="You are Faye Valentine!">
Faye Valentine

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My Book Boxes

The Great Big Book Box

COMPLETE Mailed Thursday, Dec 30 2004
Suefitz Rec'ved 1/05/05 - COMPLETE Mailed to Andycap14 on 1/08/05
Andycap14 Rec'ved Jan 11, 2005 - COMPLETE
TinkEsq Rec'ved 2/03/05 - COMPLETE Mailed to bodesoda 2/05/05
bodesoda Received 2/09/05 <--- STUCK HERE
Pochacco" border="0" alt="
You are Roronoa Zoro!

A dreamer to no ends, you will try , no matter
what, to achive your goal of being the best
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do like to sleep ..even when the time isnt very
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I Am Toni Toni Chopper!!

I want to thank the BookCrossers that have sent me postcards! I love getting postcards, if fact, in some cases I am willing to trade a book or two in exchange for one.
I like all sorts of postcards, but these are my favorite kinds: Anime, Oriental/Asian, From different Countries, Wildlife, State Postcards, Featuring bands and/or Recording Artists.
But I really want to thank all of you!

The ones with asterisks (*) were sent to me internationally. Thank you SO much!!

1. Daisy Kutter: The Last Train sent from carrots
2. A Postcard Featuring A Chinese Floral Ornament Rendered by Owen Jones sent from Trilium
3. The War Eagle "Tiger" Auburn, Alabama sent from phantomreader42
4. Canyon de Chelly by Ansel Adams, Arizona sent from morpha
5. Southeast Lighthouse on Block Island, Rhode Islandsent from rose21
6. Tucsun, Arizona Sunset sent from midwinter
7. Batboy The Musical sent from morpha
8. Orca Visits Sea Lion Caves sent from moogytee
9. *Helsinki Helsingfors, Suomi, Finland* sent from Candy80
10. Sunset On The Plains Of Nebraska sent from squirrel818
11. Storm Brewing On One Of Montana's Prairies sent from JeepACV
12. *Leipzig, Germany* sent from nikel27
13. *Stuttgart, Germany* sent from nikel27
14. Mt. Sopris, White River National Forest, Colorado sent from DSM
15. Ontario County Court House sent from LuckyDucky
16. Portland, Oregon sent from MissPiggy13
17. The London Park Lane Marriott sent along with an SSAFA Forces book mark sent from caffcaff
18. *Night Scene From Nara, Japan* sent from AsianWaterfall
19. Fourth Of July Fireworks - Milwaukee sent from DHansen1019
20. The Crested Saguaro & Teddy Bear Cholla Cacti - Arizona sent from Eeyore75
21. St Louis, Missouri sent from Betsy-STL
22. San Francisco Cable Cars - California sent from JenLuvsBooks
23. Disneyland "Partners" Walt Disney & Mickey Bronze Statues sent from EllyMae58 height="40" width="240" title="HUGS">

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