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From Brighton & Hove, East Sussex United Kingdom
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I'm an artist, and have loved books and paintings ever since I can remember.

I think Bookcrossing is a wonderful idea - let's hope it becomes as widespread in the UK as it seems to be in the US. I'll try to spread the word!

My favourite book of all time is I think, Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea, The Sea,' perfectly crafted plotwise,beautifully written, and a completely convincing insight into the delusions of the central character. It's almost the only book I read again and again. (So I won't be parting with my old and battered copy, but I might buy another from a s/hand bookshop to release into the wild.) Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet (Justine, Balthazar,Clea and Mountolive) is also a favourite. (And I love Arnold Lobel's Owl at Home!)

Recent reads:

The Slaves of Solitude - Patrick Hamilton
The Stone Arrow - Richard Herley
The Philosopher's Pupil - Iris Murdoch
More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul - courtesy of Brainiac
The Simple Heart - Gustave Flaubert
No Full Stops in India - Mark Tully

I also have a large collection of non-fiction - art books mostly, and some mythology, but I couldn't bear to part with any of these.

I've tended so far to release my least favourite books, and ones I don't expect to reread. My actual bookshelf contains far too many books to register, but I'm working on that.

I found an incunabulum
Upon a market stall,
It seemed to me so fabulum
It held me in its thrall.
I handled it très reverently
In deference to its age,
Imagining its owner once
A venerable sage.
What wisdom therein would I find -
What secrecies concealed -
What wonders lay within its depths
To shortly be revealed?
I placed my glasses on my nose
Too overwrought to speak,
I turned the pages one by one -
Oh Hell! - 'twas all in Greek!

Plume 2003

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