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From London, Greater London United Kingdom
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Joined Friday, March 18, 2005
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Reading:Down Under, by Bill Bryson
Favourite cuppa: Earl Grey
Most recent cocktail: Mojito! Yum!
Mood: YELLOWHere Comes the Sun.
Film eagerly awaited: None, currently
TV avidly watched: The Closer, The Wire: I'm all about the police drama, it seems.

After practising enormous self-restraint and not joining any more rings or rays, I have now reduced my list of rings/rays to TWO I am still awaiting. This gargantuan effort resulted in extra energy which my subconscious used to urge me into buying more books to add to the vast pile of books I have yet to read.

Originally from the UK, I moved to New Zealand in search of a better life.

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Books Read in 2008 (most recent at the top):

Books Read in 2007 (most recent at the top):

Bookrings/rays I am waiting for my turn in:

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Bookrings/rays I've organised:
Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox - NOW ARRIVED HOME!
Sorting Out Billy by Jo Brand
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson - MIA
An Artist of the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro - NOW HOME!

Registrations: I'm working my way left to right along my bookshelves and RL tends to get in the way so it might take a while, but I'll get there!

A word about my 'Status' definitions
AVAILABLE: I have read this book and am going to release it in the future. I may also consider trading it, and I would certainly bookring/ray it.
TO BE READ: This book is on my pile of things to read. I will get there in the end but it might take some time...
PERMANENT COLLECTION: This will be books that I am not going to release or trade or bookring/ray. It will either be because they were gifts, because they belong to my husband, because there is something special about them (expensive, or autographed or something), or because they are just too brilliant for me to let go.
TRAVELLING: Released into the wild, or posted/given to someone and awaiting a journal entry.
RESERVED: My husband has decided he would like to read this book in the future but the likelihood is that he will happily make it available once he has done so. Alternatively, the book is being held in anticipation of a trade.

I am open to offers to trade, but if you wish to contact me to propose a trade then please offer something in return, and I will expect to receive your book first before I mail mine out. If you have something on the wishlist I'm more likely to accept but it's not a given that it has to be on the wishlist.

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