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*"Was wir nicht haben, brauchen Sie nicht" by Dieter Moor.

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I had to experience that books get lost in the mail (or are stolen...) and that's why I will make a release note for books that I am sending to fellow bookcrossers... in case a book gets lost, it is really in the wild...


The GREAT adventure is COMPLETED: the "Me talk pretty one day - Island Hopper bookring" found quite some participants. I received the book back yesterday (Jan 21) and it's so amazing !!! Thanks all!!!

Furthermore still going on: "The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club" international bookray!!!

A new bookray started: "Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri (A GREAT BOOK!!!!)

I am also included in some bookrays/-rings and a bookbox...
The bookrays are:
*"The Nanny Diaries: A Novel" by LaRue (sent on)
*"The Other Boleyn Girl" by LeighBCD (read and sent on)
*"Hunger Point" by IACBY (sent on)
*"B is for Burglar" by Herrundmeyer (read and sent on)
*"You're an animal, Viskovitz" by Zmrzlina (vanished) replaced by this "copy" and since it got lost a second time replaced by this "copy" (read, laughed and sent on)
*"Memoirs of a Geisha" by kymberlie (???still to come???)
*"Atonement" by LeighBCD replaced by this "copy" (???still to come???)
*"Autobiography of a fat bride" by Cassandra0629 (read and sent on)
*"Bill Bryson's African Diary" by catwoman (read and sent on)
*"Die gruene Wolke" by fee34 (read and sent on)
*"Seinlanguage" by Karschtl (???still to come???)
*"The Namesake" by Karenlea (read and sent on)
*"Die Giftkoechin" by J-sama (read and sent on)
*"Im Tal des Zauberers - Innenansichten aus Bhutan" by Galion (read and passed on)
*"Ein Sonntag am Pool in Kigali" by satay-spiess (read and sent on)
*"Disgrace" by RikkiDD (read and sent on)
*"Buecher auf Raedern" by me (read and sent on)

The bookrings are:
*"The Ballad of Typhoid Mary" by bodesoda (read and sent on)
*"Daydreams and Doodles Journal" by IACBY (daydreamt, doodled and sent on)
*"The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: A Novel" by jackshome (read and sent on)
*"The Secret Life of Bees" by Shelbycat (read)
*"Die Reise nach Petuschki (Audio Bookring)" by Bni-Legi (read&listened to and sent on)
*"Among Stone Giants" by Zmrzlina (read and sent on)
*"Deutschland im August. Reisenotizen eines Gedankenschmugglers" by GirlFromIpanema (read and sent on)
*"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by pikapolonica (read and sent on)
*"Die Zauberlaterne" by Raffizack (read and sent on)
*"Praying For Sleep" by fannynatalie (read and sent on)
*"The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn" by czersk (read and ready to send off)
*"Der Zauberer der Smaragdenstadt" by eager-beaver (read and sent on)
*"Kaffir Boy" by EMA375 (sent on)
*"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" by allbookedup (read and sent on)
*"Ein Arzt aus Lhasa" by STEFBRENNT (passed on)
*"Die Geliebte des Papstes" by Sudizoso (sent on)
*"Der Moorkoenig" by Karschtl (read and sent on)
*"The Piano Tuner" by Marc3l (read and sent on)
*"Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica" by WarEagle78 (read and sent on)
*"Wovon Buddha nichts erzaehlte.Stolpersteine auf dem Weg zur Erleuchtung" by ti-ana (wieder bei ti-ana)
*"Voegel" by krimtango (read and sent on)
*"Eine Frau erlebt die Polarnacht" by Monchi1980 (wished to be skipped)
*"Die Vergessenen der Taiga" by Zibele (read and sent on)
*"Tokyo (English Edition)" by eatsletters (read and sent on)
*"Der Club Dumas" by BalouP (read and sent on)
*"Sputnik Sweetheart" by blakkat-BNE (apparently lost in 2007)
*"Der wunderbare Massenselbstmord" by honigmiez (read and sent on)
*"Flucht ueber den Himalaya" by ti-ana (read and passed on)
*"Das Raetsel von Flatey" by Ophelia1 (read and sent on)
*"Zeit der Drachen" by wasserfrau63 (read and sent on)
*"Ich schreibe, aber lesen muessen Sie selbst" by winkide (read and sent on)
*"Spiel unter Freunden" by Wyando (read and sent on)
*"Erzaehl mir was von Afrika" by ronaldh (read and sent on)
*"Schillerhoehe" by ghanescha (read and sent on)

The bookbox is:
*"Englische Buchbox in Deutschland" by Herrundmeyer (exchanged books and sent on)


What else could I tell you? In case you find any interesting book on my shelf just PM me and we'll see. I am also willed to send overseas (trade very welcome but not necessary)...
Also I want to thank those fellow BCers who already sent me a book (or even more - THANKS!), who checked my bookshelf and my wishlist and who PMed me... I am trying to give more and more for making you happy with a nice book, too :) So keep PMing me!


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