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From Metuchen, New Jersey USA
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I am a librarian by both trade and temperament. Now retired!

I am willing to trade anything on my bookshelf marked "available," but will want to limit my trades to the North American continent, for postage reasons.

I had been registering some books that I consider part of my "permanent collection." These are not available, except to people I know personally, because I really do expect to keep them. I have stopped adding to this "personal collection" here.

NOW! I have begun, in great earnest, putting my "permanent" collection onto LibraryThing. If you are a member, too, I have the same "handle" there as here: MsLadyLib. So I will no longer add any more to my "permanent collection" and use BookCrossing primarily to display those books I am willing to give away, or have already given away.

If you care to see what I have put up onto LibraryThing, click the "chiclet" below:" />

As you might see, were you to care to look either here or on LibraryThing, my taste in reading is rather eclectic, as befits a compulsive reader and a librarian. I seem to favor non-fiction titles more than most people.

The only genres I am _usually_ not interested in at all are romances, horror, and science fiction. This does not exclude all of any of these genres, of course.

Most of the books in my list are hardcover or trade paper; many are far from new, so may really be otherwise hard to find. Some can't be found by ISBN, either because of age, or because they have no ISBN. All are in readable condition, or I'd not either keep or release them!

I choose not to join bookrays or bookbags, or whatever; indeed, I am not sure how they work. It all seems like more work than I'd like to do, and I have both many of my own books to read and access to a few fairly good libraries, so I don't think I would find enough motivation to get me started! I am impressed with other people's lists, though! Where DO they get the time?

I have also started to send books, as donations, to Better World Books. Their ideas seem to agree with my thoughts about books closely enough for me to go through the trouble. You just might one day buy a book from them with my BC markings! Be sure to journal it!

Happy reading!

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