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Hello and Welcome!

Have you found one of my books? I'm so happy that it has found a new reader!

Whether you found it out in the wild, or if I gave it directly to you, I'd really appreciate it if you would make a quick journal entry right away, just so I know it is safe. If you've had it for ages, better late than never! You can keep it forever if you want to, but I really appreciate a journal entry to let me know. Thanks!!!

You don't have to sign up to leave journal entries, but it is more fun if you do! It is still free and anonymous, you won't get any spam, and you'll be able to see where the book goes and who it meets after it leaves you.

Was there anything in particular that encouraged you to pick up the book and journal it? Maybe a note, a sticker, or a conversation? Please mention it in your note so I can keep doing whatever it was! :)

My wild releases that have been caught:

Jella flies from Germany to Canada!

I knew I chose the perfect bench to release on at LegoLand!

Tears of the Giraffe My first International BookCrossing Day release is headed to the mountains.

Shapes (Scruffy Teddy) Scruffy Teddy finds new friends at the Basel Zoo. Now he's in London!

The Golden Egg A themed release called to the finder. Now it is headed to Italy.

The Sunday Philosophy Club I just noticed that this was caught 8 years ago!

Where the Heart Is The special trip back up to the castle pays off!

Grime and Punishment My fastest catch!

The Face of Deception "Good reading material, exciting!"

Das Geheimnis der Hebamme A note after 10 months :)

For the Sake of Elena Was it earning money for a library?

Mini Shopaholic A fun catch in Ikea.

Die Tochter des Tuchhändlers: Roman Three hops! Nice journaling!

Family Skeletons Another IKEA catch. Was it in the store for two years?

A Great Deliverance Found by another visitor to Liechtenstein.

The Waitress Ended up in Oslo!

The Hollow An improvised note and re-release in Ikea pays off.

The Devil Wears Prada Left in a closet display in Bloomington IKEA.

Island Madness First one to be caught at IKEA.

Funny Valentine Valentine's Day in Basel.

Elegance My first release and a nice Journal entry. :)

Controlled Release Highlights:

The Postmistress

Look how far my books have traveled!

Wild Releases Caught in:
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Taken to, or re-released by a finder in :
Canada, China, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, UK

Have Mailed books to:
India, Nepal, Portugal,

Released in but no catches:
Andorra, France, Luxembourg, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, The Netherlands alt="Make yours @">" style="font-size: 75%">Make yours @

If you found one of my books and have questions, or are interested in an available book, feel free to send me a message

My Book Hunting Links:

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