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Hello! My name is Sónia and this is my Bookshelf. If you are interested in one of my books, feel free to send me a message.

2019 Books:
1. “Good Omens”, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
2. .:. “The Dry”, Jane Harper ...[from J4shaw]
3. .:. “The Handmaid's Tale”, Margaret Atwood ...[from 4evagreen]
4. .:. “The House of New Beginnings”, Lucy Diamond ...[from kiki66] ...(Reading)
5. .:. “The Red House”, Mark Haddon ...[from tenscentpistol] ...(Reading)
6. “Norwegian Wood”, Haruki Murakami ...(Paused)

BookRings in which I signed for:
.:. “Beartown”, Fredrik Backman ...[from Lamilla]
.:. “Hunger”, Knut Hamsun ...[from CathrineB] ...(Lost)
.:. “Rivers of London: 1”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from Chucklesthescot]
.:. “Moon Over Soho: 2”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from Tamsine]
.:. “Whispers Under Ground: 3”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from yorkshire-lass]
.:. “Broken Homes: 4”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from slipperbunny]
.:. “Foxglove Summer: 5”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from bluezwuzl]
.:. “The Furthest Station: 5.5”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from Lamilla]
.:. “The Hanging Tree: 6”, Ben Aaronovitch ...[from Shahrun]
.:. “The Best of Richard Matheson”, Richard Matheson ...[from ReetPetite]
.:. “How To Stop Time”, Matt Haig ...[from dschinny]
.:. "A Thread of Grace", Mary Doria Russell ...[from judygreeneyes]
.:. “Winternight Trilogy”, Katherine Arden ...[from Lamilla]
.:. “The Power”, Naomi Alderman ...[from Lamilla]
.:. “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”, Muriel Barbery ...[from CathrineB]
.:. “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, Joan Lindsay ...[from JudySlump612]

2016 Books:
.:. “Os Filhos de Húrin”, J.R.R. Tolkien ...[from Janeka]

BookRings in which I signed for:
1. “Viagens no Scriptorium ”, Paul Auster ...[from Polliejean]
? 2. “Heróis à Moda de Lisboa”, vários autores ...[from conto]
3. “O Aleph”, Paulo Coelho ...[from AndreyaSofiia]
4. “Deixem Falar as Pedras”, David Machado ...[from ichigochi]
5. “A Salvação de Wang-FÔ e outros Contos Orientais”; Yourcenar, Marguerite ...[from AndreyaSofiia]
6. “O Artista da Morte”, Daniel Silva ...[from catiaborboleta]

To Be Read:
1. “Sonetos”, Florbela Espanca
2. “Poesia lírica”, Luís de Camões
3. “Last Man Standing”, David Baldacci
4. “O primo Basílio”, EÇA DE QUEIRÓS
6. “ONDE CAEM OS ANJOS”, Nora Roberts
7. “Misery”, Stephen King
8. “Wicked Lovely”, Melissa Marr (gift from wiccaa)
9. “Sputnik, meu amor”, Haruki Murakami
10. “Se Ninguém Falar das Coisas Maravilhosas”, Jon McGregor (gift from MargaridaPires)

2015 Books:
"O Contacto", Carl Sagan

And audiobooks:
"Dracula", Bram Stoker
"Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell", Susanna Clarke
"Mistborn: The Final Empire", Brandon Sanderson
"Mistborn: The Well of Ascension", Brandon Sanderson
"Mistborn: The Hero of Ages", Brandon Sanderson
"Warbreaker", Brandon Sanderson

2014 Books:
.:. 1. “Um osso na garganta”, Anthony Bourdain ...[from kizmiaz ]
.:. 2.“Está tudo na cabeça”, Alastair Campbell ...[from w_a_s_p]
.:. 3. “As Nódoas de Sangue e Último Adeus”, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...[from micazy]
.:. 4. “Os Jogos da Fome”, Suzanne Collins ...[from vcrazygirl]
5. “Classic Mystery Stories (Dover Thrift Editions)”, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Jack London ...(Paused)

2013 Books:
.:. 1. “O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis”, José Saramago ...[from LandaT]
.:. 2. “Contos Crus”, Marco António ...[from kizmiaz]
.:. 3. “[Bring(s)] "Maratona" Sarah Addison Allen” with “O Jardim Encantado” ...[from SironaCollin]
.:. 4. “Demência”, Célia Correia Loureiro ...[from w_a_s_p]
.:. 5. “Crimes de Natal”, vários autores ...[from catiaborboleta]
.:. 6. “Extremamente Alto, Incrivelmente Perto”, Jonathan Safran Foer ...[from catiaborboleta]
.:. 7. “HISTORIAS E LENDAS FANTASTICAS DOS CELTAS”; Maria Margarida, Cláudia Ribeiro ...[from SironaCollin]
.:. 8. “O Terror”, Dan Simmons ...[from joeeandrade ]
.:. 9. “Gorky Park”, Martin Cruz Smith ...[from Diabetes-3136 ]
.:. 10. “3 X 8 = 24”, Marco António ...[from kizmiaz ]

My BookRings:
1. “Comer, orar, amar”, Elizabeth Gilbert ...(Travelling)
2. “O Hóspede de Job", José Cardoso Pires ...back at home
3. “Hideaway”, Dean Koontz
4. “P.S. - EU AMO-TE”, Cecelia Ahern ...back at home
5. RBack: “O Tesouro Africano”, Luís Almeida Martins
6. RBack: “Ópio”, Maxence Fermine

Playing with Books:
.:. 1. “Bookbox Virtual "De Frase em Frase - Página 69"” ...[from ElHurricane] -> “Se Ninguém Falar das Coisas Maravilhosas”, Jon McGregor (gift from MargaridaPires); “The Tiger Warrior", David Gibbins (my gift for Marcenda)
.:. 2. “Troca da Primavera - I Feel Good!” ...[from Meg72] -> “Wicked Lovely”, Melissa Marr (gift from wiccaa); “Parábola do cágado velho", Pepetela (my gift for marialeitora)

2012 Books:
1. “Comer, orar, amar”, Elizabeth Gilbert
2. “Uma pequena história do mundo”, E. H. Gombrich
3. “The girl with the dragon tattoo”, Stieg Larsson
4. “The girl who played with fire”, Stieg Larsson
5. “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest”, Stieg Larsson
.:. 6. “O Crepúsculo dos Elfos”, Jean-Louis Fetjaine ...[from MargaridaPires]
.:. 7. “Zorro”, Isabel Allende ...[from w_a_s_p]
8. “O Tesouro Africano”, Luís Almeida Martins
.:. 9. “Desconhecidos”, Taichi Yamada ...[from kizmiaz]
.:. 10. “O Tempo dos Imperadores Estranhos”, Ignacio del Valle ...[from w_a_s_p]
.:. 11. “Os "Bingadores"”, René Goscinny ...[from Xanocas]
.:. 12. “Não sou um serial killer”, Dan Wells ...[from belleketrek]
13. "GHOSTS OF ASCALON", Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb ...[from a friend]
14. “Quando Lisboa Tremeu”, Domingos Amaral
15. “Batman: Heart of Hush”, Paul Dini
.:. 16. “Siddhartha”; Hermann Hesse ...[from catiaborboleta]
.:. 17. “As Regras de Moscovo”; Daniel Silva ...[from catiaborboleta]
.:. 18. “Claridade”; Alyson Noel ...[from catiaborboleta]
19. "The Hobbit"; J. R. R. Tolkien

My 2012 BookRings:
1. “Memória de Elefante”, António Lobo Antunes
2. “A Varanda do Frangipani”, Mia Couto ...back at home

2011 Books:
1. “O Hóspede de Job", José Cardoso Pires
2. “Parábola do cágado velho", Pepetela (gift to marialeitora)
3. “The Tiger Warrior", David Gibbins

2010 Books:
1. “A Varanda do Frangipani”, Mia Couto
2. “Hideaway”, Dean Koontz
3. “Ópio”, Maxence Fermine
.:. 4. “11 Minutos”, Paulo Coelho ...[from b-a-r-b-a-r-a]

2009 Books:
1. “P.S. - EU AMO-TE”, Cecelia Ahern
2. “Memória de Elefante”, António Lobo Antunes
3. “A última fronteira”, Bruno Arpaia

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