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2/2024 Still On Hiatus / Ich mache Pause.
Ich komme derzeit kaum zum Lesen und habe auch aktuell nicht den Nerv mich wirklich auf neue Bücher einzulassen, so seltsam das auch ist.
Wenn ihr ein Buch bei mir seht, dass euch interessiert - egal ob TBR oder nicht - schreibt mich einfach an, ich schick es gern zu!


I love to read (obviously) and although it's sometimes a bit difficult time-wise, because I have a job and other hobbies, I try to read as much as I can. I especially like period literature (Jane Austen, A. C. Doyle), danmei, also genres like fantasy (Scott Lynch, Tim Powers, J. R. R. Tolkien), humour, crime, mystery...
Particular works also: "The Martian", "The Shadow of the Wind", "On Stranger Tides", "Good Omens". I also like travelling accounts.

I'll read in German or English, it doesn't matter. For my wishlist I add books only in one language. If it's on the list in German, but you have it in English (or vice versa) - that's perfectly fine. :)

Other hobbies include horseback riding (I used to have a horse) and going to the cinema. Favourite Movie Of All Time: "Pirates of the Caribbean". I also love Disney and Pixar movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe ("Avengers" etc.), movies like "Shaun of the Dead", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "The Lord of the Rings".
If time permits, I like watching tv series, too. My absolute favourite used to be "Sherlock" (BBC), but I'm ignoring season 4. My profile pic reflects this and was made by fivealive (LJ). Currently, as of 2023, I'm still madly into "The Untamed" and have recently enjoyed the Netflix "One Piece" adaptation.
I also like spending my time on the internet, meeting friends or taking photos.

Other things I love:
- Cats
- Foxes (due to my childhood fascination with Dann's "The Animals of Farthing Wood")
- Chocolate (especially nougat, mint and marzipan)
- Musicals. Film soundtracks. Music in general (especially rock and pop, blues, swing, soul, classic...).
- Creative bookmarks (I'm not collecting, but sometimes I see one that I need to have.)
- Jewellery (no earrings, though^^)
- Knitted scarves, thick warm socks (Gr. 40 EU, 7 US)
- Creative writing paper (I have quite a few penpals)
- Great Britain
- Nature: forests, the sea, mountains
- Dancing - mostly watching it; I love dance movies like "Center Stage" and "Strictly Ballroom", and I never miss an episode of "Let's Dance!" (the German version of the tv show "Strictly Come Dancing" (UK) / "Dancing with the Stars" (US)).

Concerning gift exchanges (Christmas etc.):
I already mentioned what I like and I'm always happy about a (wishlist)book; you can't go wrong with that. Postcard sets are also always welcome since I'm a postcrosser, too. :)
What I don't like: Dark chocolate (except in combination with mint) or chocolate with alcohol, alcohol in general, liquorice, truffles, scented candles (because I don't use them anyway), kitsch-y figurines to put on the shelves (got enough of that^^).

Bookrings and -rays I'm participating in:
"Fanny Hill"
"The English"
"Lieblingszitate, -weisheiten, -sprüche"

Bookrings and -rays I participated in:
"Die Physiker"
"Im Zauber der Sirenen"
"Notes from a small island"
"Calvin & Hobbes Bd. 4"
"Nichts: Was im Leben wichtig ist"
"Schiffbruch mit Tiger
"Bitter with Baggage seeks same"
"Die Radleys"
"Mr Darcy, Vampyre"
"Das Geheimnis des gelben Zimmers"
"Ophelia joined the Group Maidens Who Don’t Float"
"Der Schatten des Windes"
"Die gewöhnliche Prinzessin"
"Mit der Pamir um Kap Horn"
"The Boleyn Inheritance"
"Geiselnahme auf der Le Ponant"
"Old Fashioned Thank You Postcard BookRing"
"Englischer Harem"
"Hendrikje, vorübergehend erschossen"
"Herr Mozart wacht auf"
"Föhn mich nicht zu!"
"Crossing Paths - The BookCrossing Novel"
"Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict"
"Gestatten: Elite"
"Favourite Quotations Journal"
"Elizas Tochter"
"Inside WikiLeaks"
"Die Karte meiner Träume"
"Du hast mich auf dem Balkon vergessen!"
"Das Mondstein-Märchen"
"Emma Watson"
"The Marriage Plot"
"Wir haben Sie leider nicht angetroffen."
"Das große Los: Wie ich bei Günther Jauch eine halbe Million gewann..."
3x Kurzgeschichten von Fuyumi Soryo
"Ich bin Malala"
"Irre – wir behandeln die Falschen"
"Patschoulis Poesiealbum"
"Ein Traum von einem Schiff"

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