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Sorry guys
Welcome to the bookcrossing site.

Congrations if you have found a book i wild realised. I would be so grateful if you could just journal it. So i know it went to a loving home.

I love these authours sophie kinselle, Jill mansell and Chris manby there books are so brilliant.

If you trying to pm the next person on list and there don't reply and there don't reply on bookcrossing. If you can just skip that person. Pm me to let me know.thanks


Sorry i have not been updateing this.

I going to start a new Bookring

Book Ring - Two's Company by Sue Haasler

Book Ring on Shopaholic abroad.

1 AuburnCaMom (usa)ship anywhere)

2 hels5 (usa only) <----- (It's here)

3 WickedWordz (usa only)

4 AsianWaterfall (usa) Ship anywhere)

5 Iletaitunefois Switzerland (ship anywhere)

Book Ray

Harry potter and chamber of Secrets

1 blueviolent (Usa)

2MieLH (Europe)

3 dutch-flybaby Europe ( would like to be near the end)

BookRay The Secret Life of bees

BookRay The Secret Life of bees

Somy ( Switzerland) ( worldwide)

Tweesty france (ship anwhere)

vainilla79 (Euope only)<----- (It's here)

TwiggySC1973 (Netherlands) (Ship anywhere)

Kkitten (Aussies if possible if not anywhere)

Lukutuoli (finland) (Europe)

Mirz Finland (euopre)

Angie0422 Usa Usps

Karen (usa)

Irishcoda (usa) ship internationally

Mance (u.k) Ship anyway

The Da Vinci Code

xoHips05 (canada) INSIDE Canada or United States if needed (Its here)

Milkeyway (USA) (Usa only)

Mrsordonez (USA)

Alice2623663 (Ausralia only)

Mrsordonez (Ausralia only)

Piemunga (Australia) Australia or can internationally if needed

Rafangel (Finland)


Where have all the boys gone?

Susy X( Portugal) ship anyway

BOKWORMY sunny Lisbon, shipping aboard

luckydipper Australia (ship anyway.

Tabyorky (u.k only)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Rednumbertwo (canda) canda or usa only

Moraelyn (Usa) prefer us but can int. <----- (It's here)

Bibliocrates Usa only

tish2002 (Usa)

Withoutwings usa

MandaJo Usa Int’l if needed

Jennifer/jnpert (usa) surface mail

Discoverylover (New zeland) (ship anywhere)

Flicki Gemany ( ship anyway)

Lukutuoli (Finland) Europe only

Nitku Finland can ship anywhere

Mariabokmal prefer Sweden but can ship anywhere.

The Jane Austin bookring

Rosiewhippet uk only

Inver aberdeen ( ship anyway)

Frangipani04 portugal Europe only <----- (It's here)

vainilla79 Spain (Europe only)

atalante3134 .France and can ship in Europe, the USA or Canada.

Streetmouse usa only

LilPatoodle (usa) us or internacial

ButoracA (usa) ship anyway

ButoracA (new york) ship anywhere


Highland Fling Katie F Forde

katayoun Iran ship internally

BellaMack Australia only local.

If anyone else is interested in taking part you can just pm me.

Having it and eating it by sabine durrant

1 tabby-cat-owner usa ship internally

2 Toyjoy

If anyone wants to join you can just pm me pls.

BookRing I've taken part in is by michelle 1977
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Bookring)

GossipGirl 1, 2 By Michelle 1977

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