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This OBCZ appears to be inactive. If this is in error, please contact BookCrossing Support to have this message removed.

This is the bookshelf for the Loussac Library OBCZ (Official BookCrossing Zone), openened June 21, 2005. It is managed by stellertony. It also receives assistance from spinzombie45, and of course the Municipal Libraries' wonderful Community Resources lady, Toni McPherson. For more information about Bookcrossing, visit the Bookcrossing FAQs.

Visit the Loussac Library online!

The above picture is of the fountains outside the library.

We will gladly accept books, blank Bookcrossing labels, supply store bookplates, little Bookcrossing stickers, large cashier checks (just kidding...), or anything else you think we could use at the following address:

c/o Toni McPherson
Loussac Library
3600 Denali St.
Anchorage, AK 99503

Please note that books sent to this address will NOT be opened by stellertony, but by a lovely woman at the library to whom we are immensely grateful. If you want to send something to stellertony personally, please PM either account for the address.

Materials can be sent Library Rate if you wish. At some point I will set up a PayPal account for monetary donations for supplies.

*shamelessly stolen from Bookcrossing's own note to this effect.

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