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From Toronto, Ontario Canada
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That’s me overlooking the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania. It was taken by monado, with whom I’ve lived since 1992.

My screen name is a reference to Queen Street, which was the first major east-west street in Toronto. When it was laid out (in the late 18th century) it was the street from which land was measured northward—hence its original name, Lot Street. I’m a professed Wizard because I bike it every day. :-)

I have a lot of books, and monado has endeavoured to register most of them. Some of the books I’ll register here are those I’m willing to part with; others are favourites. If you see a book that I haven’t released that you’d like or think someone else will like, let me know. Here are all my books on one page.

Because of my athletic, work, and volunteer commitments, I’ve been letting most of my memberships lapse. As of September 22, 2006, I’m a member of:
-" target="_blank">Bruce Trail Association -" target="_blank">Toronto Club
-" target="_blank">Canada’s National History Society
-" target="_blank">Flag Institute (“one of the world’s main research and documentation centres for flags and vexillology”)
-" target="_blank">Ontario Nature, formerly the Federation of Ontario Naturalists
-" target="_blank">Royal Botanical Gardens
-" target="_blank">Toronto Bicycling Network
-" target="_blank">Toronto Pedestrian Committee

With respect to the last, I’ve been the Pedestrian Committee's co-chair since March 2005, and its sole chair since September ’06.

I work as a management consultant. For the last 6½ years I’ve been working full time, or nearly so, on a project in California. This has meant a lot of flying between Toronto and Los Angeles. I enjoy the weather, but I always look forward to coming home.

In high school and university my ambition was to be a poet starving in a garrett—rather like" target="_blank">Henry Wallis’ famous painting, The Death of Chatterton. What happened—this was the early ’70s—was that I found I was good with computers, and with explaining them to other people. This reminds me of the scene in" target="_blank">Singin’ in the Rain where Cosmo Brown (played by the great Donald O’Connor), the hero’s best friend, who’s earned his living playing piano during the filming of silent movies, learns that the studio is converting to sound:

Cosmo: Talking pictures?!? That means I’m out of a job! At last, I can start suffering and write that symphony!

R. F. Simpson [head of the studio]: You’re not out of a job; we’re putting you in as head of our new music department.

Cosmo: Oh, thanks, R. F.! At last, I can stop suffering and write that symphony!

Although I got a B.A. in English, I repaired that error 15 years later with an M.B.A. :-) I was a mediocre B.A. student, but I made the Dean’s List in business school. Not sure if that says anything about my character. :-)

For the next year, besides work and family, my prinicpal objective is" target="_blank">Ironman Wisconsin, a triathlon where you swim 2.4 mi~3.9 km, bike 112.0 mi~180.2 km, & run 26.2 mi~42.2 km, in less than 17 hours. It’ll be held September 9, 2007, in Dane County, Wisconsin. I’m being coached by" target="_blank">Steve Bentley.

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