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From Pasadena, California USA
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I love to read. Especially books that are based on a true story or non-fiction books. I read and write English and German fluently. I'd also like very, very simple things in Spanish to help me learn (for example, children's books or those small gift books with just a little bit of text and beautiful pictures).

Since November 2005, I've been on Postcrossing, sending and receiving postcards from all over the world.

I like singing in the choir and in the shower; listening to good music; stickers; bright colors like red, yellow, and purple; the fall season with its colorful leaves; wildflowers, poppies, sunflowers, dandelions; the smell of the air after rain; salamanders, butterflies, ladybugs, snails, squirrels; traveling notebooks, handmade postcards; sitting under a tree and enjoying the nice weather and the things around me; berries and bananas, good food; sunsets; taking photographs with my digital camera; close-up pictures; my hometown Luebeck where I grew up; watching a landscape from a plane; going to church on Sunday morning; cute socks; chocolate, filled gingerbread hearts; true stories...

Some of my favorite books are Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis), Safely Home (Randy Alcorn), the Bible (I'm currently reading The Message translation), Schindler's List (Thomas Keneally)and the Moomin books. In general, I like non-fiction and fiction based on a true story. I like it if I can learn something interesting in an enjoyable way. I can read English and German fluently.

Wishes for 2018 Birthday Group, 2019 Birthday Group, Secret Santa and such
- I'm always happy about a wishlist book or Bookcrossing supplies (including wings) or a written and stamped postcard with a bookish theme (maybe with a book recommendation or a quote?). I'd also appreciate links to BCID labels I can print.
- A postcard book.
- A small giftbook with beautiful pictures to look at and not much text to read, such like this little book that I got for my birthday in the past: Furry Logic).
- Other books that I may find interesting: one of your favorite books (write me a note - with the book or as a journal entry - why it's your favorite); a book in very easy Spanish (so I can practice). I would enjoy most books not only in print, but also as audiobooks on cassettes or CD, or even electronic versions (iBooks, Kindle books, or Nook books).
- I have a friend in a convalescent home who likes to read a lot, our reading tastes overlap, so I lend her a lot of my books, but I would really like to get her more books from her specific wishlist. She would like any books from that list or any similar books. Getting books for her would make me even happier than getting more books for myself (yes, even for my birthday). Having a steady supply of good books helps her a lot in staying positive and content.
- I also enjoy adult coloring postcards (blank or colored by you).

If you need more ideas, check out my profile on Swap-Bot.

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