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* Please note: I have just recently moved from Germany to the UK and basically all my BC-books are in storage. Therefore, I am not able to send you any AVLs or RES at the Moment. Please check again later and hopefully by that time I will have taken Possession of my books again. *

Reading has been a part of my life from very early on. My parents used to read bedtime stories to us every evening and that stuck with me. I hardly ever go to sleep before having read at least a page or two. Once I was able to read myself I would read even after my lights were supposed to be off and my parents would check at the lightbulb whether I had read on or not. They did not get mad at me for that though. I was the kid whose face would be pale after a beach holiday because I had my face stuck into a book for a big part of that holiday.

I like to read crime stories but am also interested in historical novels and books from other countries. Because my husband is Indian born I read a lot of books from that country. In 2011, I started to read books from the German 1,000-books-to-read-list and have therefore also become a member of the 1,001-library. This challenge has opened my eyes to books which I would not have read without the challenge.

If you find any book, that you would like to read, on my "available" shelf or on my "to be read" shelf don´t hesitate to contact me and I will try to send the book off to you. Some of the books on my RES-shelf are reserved for other members who also read for the 1,000-books-challenge. Please ask me if you are interested in any books on that shelf, as I am willing to send most of them off as well.

I read books in German and English.

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