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Saturday, 19th November, 2005
It's never too late right! I am going to dive back into book crossing, now that I am (extremely) happily married and have all this lovely spare time! Watch this space.

September 19th, 2004
I am the worst book crosser in the world, mantra for the week, MUST FIND AND POST TWO BOOK CROSSING BOOKS THAT HAVE HAD FOR MONTHS.

June 11th, 2004
Not much bookcrossing activity for me in these past few months. I admit, I have been a slacko book crosser. I aim to improve.
On a personal note, Geoff and I have decided on a wedding date and venue and it is all rather exciting! I am loving my job at AMP. We are madly trying to save for a house depositm the wedding of the millenium whislt still maintaining a lifestlye that we both had before we were together! If anyone knows how to do this could you let me know!
Happy Book Crossing

27th March 2004
Finally, after three busy and quite stressful months I am feeling a bit more gathered. On Wednesday our Wardrobe was finally installed (yes, thats right, the one we had was damaged in the storm and its taken 3 months to replace), I am setteling into my new job at AMP and having a lovely time living in the moment! So expect me to get a little more active with keeping up with the books I am meant to be passing on as well as attending those fabulous bookcrossing dinners.




Please be patinet, those waiting for books from me. I have been flooded, fallen in love,been forced out of our new place and into his parents house (due to unlivable conditiond in the house) and have lost a job and am going to be away from my family for the first time ver at Christmas. The books will be forwarded as soon as I can. Cheerio, Catharine

27/10/ 2003
Well as I have never been married I guess I am the other one!!!!!

Name change from Catharine to Libris-Princess.

Just posted 'Confessions of a reformed dieter' to Fire-Dragon. Good Ridance.

Bookrings: Just about to post off 'Possum Magic' and 'Princess Smartypants'!! Yay, my books get to travel!!

My first Bookring is trussed up and ready to be shipped!!!! ... 1 reply by Libris-Princess (66/8) 9/4/2003 2:56:02 AM

Ta Da ~ Princess Smarty Pants and Possum Magic International Bookring

The final list.:

Please PM the person next on the list so you can get their postal address and keep the ring a'movin.

1. Fanclub, HAwaii, USA
2. LaurieS, USA
3. caligula03, USA
4. Kernow8, Virginia, USA
5. fruitbat, Oregon, USA
6. Ardy, USA (has not replied to several pm's I have sent. May need to skip her and move to next person...)
7. Kalahari, Portugal
8. nikel27, Germany
9. Ferengie, Germany
10. PurpleHeather, UK
11. LaPeste., France
12. cornelie23, France

and back to me,

Catharine (Libris-Princess), Melbourne, Australia

I am not sure of the protocol for journaling bookrings? Do I make release notes? Or just journal the book?

YAY, I can hardly wait for you all to read these fabulous books!!!

PS Meant to be reading RIGHT THIS SECOND: 'The Blind Assasain' by Margaret Atwood (I have offered this book as a bookring, but just can't finnish it. But am COMPLEELED to finish it before I send it. I want to know how others expereince the book and will feel out of the loop if I have not finished it.

Soooooooo if you are interested please PM me and join the funkiest ring in TOWN)

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