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Ho hum ... I may return, I may ...

'Imagine' To see the postal order, who currently has the journal and people's journal entries, *click here*.

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Utopias / Ideal Worlds journal international bookring
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Last seen December 2006
To see the postal order, who currently has the journal and people's journal entries,*click here*.

Bookrings I'm participating in:
*SpedBug's kindness journal ring
*KitsuneCharmed's self-portraiture journal ring
*solittletime's Women Who Love Books Too Much ring

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Farley Heath Designs

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A quirky website to check out: The Cloud Appreciation Society



Leaf's bookray and bookring for *The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy & Obedience: what's wrong with America.. and how we can fix it
*Click here* to read excerpts.
International bookray (outside Australia)
1)Shendoah (US)
2)RonOren (US)
3)Megi53 (US)
4)MargeryK (UK)
5)anna-angel (UK)
6)Brujula (France)>>> from here to somewhere in Europe ...
*Click here* to order a copy if you're outside Australia.
Australian ring offer is closed. This copy is now in my permanent collection.

Growth Fetish
-stellertony (Alaska, USA)
-jubby (Australia)

-Back on my TBR pile

Age of Consent
-jubby (Australia)
-stellertony (Alaska, USA)

-Back on my TBR pile

The Silent Takeover
-MargeryK (UK)
-stellertony (Alaska, USA)
-dolphin-au (Australia)
-jubby (Australia)

-Back on my TBR pile

The Corporation
-robert-walker (UK)
-Drutt (UK)
-stellertony (Alaska, USA)
-jubby (Australia)

Back on my TBR pile

In the Stacks: Short Stories about Libraries and Librarians
-celestewa (WA)
-Alectoness (Vic.)
-TramGirl (Vic.)
-EDDI (Vic.)
-tqd (NSW)
-jubby (NSW)

This is now on my TBR pile. Once I've read this book, I'll start an international ring, starting with nyla7.

Leaf’s Australian bookrings

For writers who'd like to learn more about getting published in Australia
-Libertine101 (WA)
-Alectoness (Vic.)
-Redbank (ACT)
-Ravenbear (Qld)
-lakelady2282 (NSW)

A Year in the Merde bookray:
-celestewa (WA)
-miss-gonewest (WA)
-catsalive (NSW)
This is a bookray.

Tavel anthology,Come Away with Me:
-grooble (SA)
-BrdGrl (SA)
-Readinator (Vic.)
-goodthinkingmax (NSW)

Weasel Words by Don Watson: is now closed. Postal order:
-goodthinkingmax (NSW)
-jubby (NSW)
-newk (SA)
-quizzical (SA)

Back in my permanent collection

A Revolution in Kindness:
-cartref (UK)
-cordelia-anne (US)
-readinator (Vic., Australia)
-jubby(NSW, Australia)

Back in my permanent collection

The End of Oil: The Decline of the Petroleum Economy & the Rise of a New Energy Order by Paul Roberts
-Megi53 (US)
-PokPok (US)

Back on my TBR pile.

Take it Personally: How Globalisation Affects You and Powerful Ways to Challenge It, edited by Anita Roddick
-Stensler (US)
-daemonwolf (UK)

Back on my TBR pile.

House of Bush, House of Saud by Craig Unger
-michaeljl (US)

Back on my TBR pile

I Believe This
-Wirigerie (SA)
-goodthinkingmax (NSW)
-jubby (NSW)

Back on my TBR pile

Not Happy, John!: Defending Our Democracy

Jennifer Government by Max Barry
1) tqd & Mr tqd
2) gooby
3) jubby
4) fushmush
5) charmedwitch23
6) lmn60

Back in my permanent collection

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