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BookCrossing Support, 2/18/2008: LadyMaggie, your previous accounts on BookCrossing (including, but not limited to, ASTROAQUARIOUS7 and dewung77) were disabled after you had repeatedly ignored requests to stop contacting people by PM requesting books. Creating this new account to get around those restrictions is against site policy itself, and in addition we've received complaints that you are still sending mass PMs asking for books.

Your account's forum-post and Private Message privileges have been disabled because of this continued abuse. For the time being, you still have the ability to register, journal, and release books. If you wish to participate in BookCrossing you can do so in this way, and I hope that you will demonstrate that you can share your books with others - not just spam people asking for books while giving nothing in return.

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I am a 39 year old long time resident of Brooklyn NYC and I love reading books on British life and memoirs during the era of World War Two. I have a wide range of reading topics as I just about read almost everything. I love the concept of reading a book and releasing it into the wild as stated on this website. It is also a wonderful way of bonding with fellow readers. I am also a Forensics researcher and have written many profile papers for my professors at Mercy College in NYC. Reading transports me from the everyday endless clinical readings that I have to read and write. I am also a free lance writer.

Update: I am on the look out for American Girl books: Kit and Molly. My daughter has begun to discover American Girl books and her favorites are Molly and Kit. I am also on the look out for Augusten Burroughs books as he is my all time favorite writer. I am also looking for books by Maureen Lee, Annie Murray, Donald James Wheal,Joan Jonker, Anne Baker,Jessica Stirling, Susan Sallis, Iris Gower, Doris Davidson,Victor Pemberton, Sarah Waters,Angela Huth,Charlotte Bingham,Harry Bowling,Helen Forrester,Rita Bradshaw,Maisie Mosco,Elvi Rhodes,Elizabeth Murphy,Rebecca Shaw, T R Wilson,June Tate,Emma Blair,Rowena Summers, ,Charlotte Bingham,Carey Cleaver,Katie Flynn, Beryl Bainbridge, Flora Thompson,David Nobbs,Valerie Maskell,Jennifer Worth,Brian Thompson, R.F. Delderfield,Justine Picardie, Mary Mackie,Graham Joyce, Marcia Willett, Linda Grant, Malcolm Ross, Jenny Oldfield, Margaret Forster, Miss Read, Christopher Fitz-Simon, Kathleen O'Malley, Margaret Dickinson, Bill Cullen, Jennifer Haigh, Kitty Neale, Margaret Thomson Davis, Lynn N. Austin,Sally Worboyes, Lesley Pearse, Mavis Cheek,Joanna Toye, Stuart McLean, Irene Carr, Dee Williams, Ken McCoy
William Woodruff....Vessel of Sadness ..
Josephine Cox, Gilda O'Neill, Mary Jane Staples.
If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name by Heather Lende
Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright,
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