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From Orange, New South Wales Australia
Joined Friday, April 15, 2005
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So happy to see you here in the worldwide reading room :)

About sending me books…
if a book you think I might enjoy is NOT on my bookshelf, please ask me first
often I have already read it – I read widely and quickly – postage, especially international, is too expensive to send me a book I’ve already read
Also please check the title AND the author are what is on my wishlist (sometimes the isbn loads incorrectly)

Bookish Quote
"Books are engines of change, windows on the world, and (as a poet has said) “lighthouses erected in the sea of time.” They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print." Barbara W. Tuchman

My bookshelf does not necessarily reflect my taste in books, I try to register books destined for release and of course since joining Bookcrossing with the mistaken belief that I shall reduce book numbers in my home, there are more and more books in more and more rooms in my home... The TBR Mountain Range covers a vast area!

Being an Aquarian my interests are very eclectic and in reading I read mainly realistic, contemporary fiction, suspense/mystery written and mainly by women it seems.... also some non-fiction (metaphysics, selfhelp) and memoir/biographies. Thru Bookcrossing am trying new genres, some more easily than others and I am so grateful for the organisers of bookrings who are assisting my literary education ;-)

Am a little addicted to - I am IndigoAngel there if you want to say hi and join with me at PA (that would be Postcrossers Anonymous) over a hot beverage (of the caffeine kind) and a pile of postcards and you know the conversation will turn to books in due course ;-)

some hints for Santa's helpers / Birthday RABCK Group

my wishlist books are ones i want to read with a few i would like for my permanent collection - there are already way to many books in my home, so please check with me if you want to send a book which is not on my wishlist

* i also collect lighthouses, pelicans and butterflies - pictures, cards, ornaments
* purple and blue are my favourite colours
* i use essential oils, scented candles - especially lavender, patchouli, orange & the incense i burn is Morning Star made by Nippon Kodo
* i drink herbal teas: peppermint, berries, green tea…but not chamomile
* i enjoy a good coffee
* monet is my favourite artist
* and of course chocolate is always welcome in all quantities...

please be aware of quarantine requirements for any plant material and food (generally not a good idea)

special request from finland - moomins, (street) map of helsinki, and some marimekko fabric - small pieces or remnants would be great in blues, purples :)

and please do not send any cosmetics, hand and body lotions and so forth - i buy specific products due to allergies and sensitivites – thanx

~*~*~ happy reading every day ~*~*~

Be gentle
with yourself, with each other, with the Earth



Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood
i am missing the following ....

4. Death at Victoria Dock (1992)
6. Blood and Circuses (1994)
The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions (2021)

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