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Hi all! Just a quick note -- lately the PM's I send out are having trouble reaching their intended destinations! If you can't reach me (or think you can't 'cos my responses aren't arriving, even though I've sent them out), try ISOing me. I'm especially easy to reach at! alt="PaperBackSwap - Swap your used paperback books with other club members.">" width="468" height="60" />

Hey, this PaperBackSwap place is pretty cool for trading books within the US and US territories. It's free and pretty darn idiot-proof, too!

The existence of good bad literature—the fact that one can be amused or excited or even moved by a book that one's intellect simply refuses to take seriously—is a reminder that art is not the same thing as celebration.
~George Orwell, Good Bad Books

Books to the ceiling Books to the sky.
My pile of books Are a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I'll have gray hair By the time I read them.
~Arnold Lobel

BookRings I'm hosting:
Goddess of the Sea (Stalled or lost in the mail)
The Joy Luck Club (Stalled)
Through Violet Eyes (Finished!)
Staying Dead (OPEN)

Rings and Rays I've signed up for:
Sorcery and Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot (done)
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story (done)
He's Just Not That Into You (done)
Storm Front (done)
Food For Life & Other Dish (done)
Tea With The Black Dragon (done)
Where The Heart Is (done)
Ella Minnow Pea (probably lost in the mail)
On Fire's Wings (done)
Book of Shadows (done)
Love Is A Four Letter Word (lost in the mail)
Lyrical Life (done)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (done)
Killing Moon (done)
Night's Edge (done)
Bitten (done)
Does My Bum Look Big In This? (done)
The Hundred Secret Senses (done)
How To Be A Superhero (done)
Bellwether (done)
Unexpected (done)
Sex, Murder And A Double Latte (done)
Stardust (done)
The Da Vinci Code (some confusion, but I think this is stalled)
Apocalipstick (3 people ahead of me, may be stalled)
Fast Women (done)
With Malicious Intent (Stalled)
Cookbook with a difference, hosted by titihood (order not finalized)
Fire and Hemlock (done)
About A Boy (done)
Acts of Kindness (done)
Urban Shaman (done)
Natural Law (done)
Cravings (seems lost in the mail or stalled)
Bite (done)
The Traveler (done)
Dark Desire (Erm, this is here and I don't know where to send it!)
Dark Gold (This one's here and I don't know where to send it either!)
Dark Magic (And the third one I don't know where to send!)
Dark Challenge (3 people ahead of me)
Dark Fire (Did this ring ever get started?)
Dragon Rider (7 people ahead of me)
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats (done)
Three To Get Deadly (done)
On The Bright Side... (Here now!)
Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas (Here now!)
How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire (done)
Tinker (done)
Once Upon Stilettos (done)
Resenting the Hero (done)
I Was a Teenage Dominatrix (10 people ahead of me, order keeps changing)

Many, many thanks to Cliff1976 for this nifty wish list!

About trades--I do some trading, so feel free to ask, just please understand that I may or may not accept. It's not personal if I have to turn you down, though--I love hearing from other BCer's! I only trade from my AVL list, and I'm especially tempted to trade for things from my wish list! My TBR's are usually waiting to be read by me and several family members so they just aren't available now, and reserves are promised elsewhere.

Books Read in 2010
34. Stargazer (Gray)
33. (The Warrior's Apprentice (Bujold))
Aug. 32. Barrayar (Bujold)
31. Shiver (Stiefvater)
30. Breaking Dawn (Meyer)
29. Eclipse (Meyer)
28. Twilight (Meyer)
July 27. Succubus Blues (Reed)
26. Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery)
June 25. Fool (Moore)
24. Carpe Corpus (Caine)
23. Lover Avenged (Ward)
22. His Dark Kiss (Silver)
21. Fallen (Kate)
May 20. The Maiden and the Monster (Pillow)
19. Steamed (Macalister)
April 18. Graceling (Cashore)
17. Ethan of Athos (Bujold)
16. Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand (Vaughan)
15. Soulless (Carriger)
14. Prey (Vincent)
13. My Soul to Save (Vincent)
Mar. 12. Skyfall (Asaro)
11. Fade (McMann)
Feb. 10. Catching Fire (Collins)
9. Heroes Adrift (Moore)
8. Magic Burns (Andrews)
7. Don't Hex with Texas (Swendson)
6. Desire Unchained (Iona)
5. Pleasure Unbound (Iona)
4. Strange Bedpersons (Crusie)
3. Dark Desires After Dusk (Cole)
2. Victory of Eagles (Novik)
1. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Fantaskey)

Books Read in 2009
Dec. 48. Covet (Ward)
47. Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Cole)
46. The Gathering Storm (Jordan and Sanderson)
Nov. 45. The Last Days (Westerfield)
44. An Echo in the Bone (Gabaldon)
Oct. 43. Skin Hunger (Duey)
42. My Soul to Take (Vincent)
Sept. 41. The Phoenix Unchained (Lackey & Mallory)
40. Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Vaughan)
39. Dead and Gone (Harris)
38. Tangled Webs (Bishop)
37. Moon Awakening (Monroe)
36. The Sharing Knife: Horizon (Bujold)
Aug. 36. No Humans Involved (Armstrong)
35. Local Custom (Lee & Miller)
34. The Way of the Wolf (Knight)
33. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Cole)
July 32. Rhiannon (Grove)
31. Wake (McMann)
30. Pride (Vincent)
29. The Awakening (Armstrong)
28. Lord of Misrule (Caine)
27. The Hunger Games (Collins)
26. Mercury's War (Leigh)
June 25. Darkfever (Moning)
24. The Mirror Prince (Malan)
23. No Rest for the Wicked (Cole)
22. Frostbite (Mead)
21. A Hunger Like No Other (Cole)
20. Magic Bites (Andrews)
May. 19. A Company of Swans (Ibbotson)
(18. The White Dragon (McCaffrey))
17. The Thirteenth House (Shinn)
(16. Bloodsucking Fiends (Moore))
April 15. Evernight (Gray)
14. Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Goodman)
13. The Host (Meyer)
12. All Souls' Night (Armintrout)
Mar. 11. Guardian of Honor (Owens)
(10. Cetaganda (Bujold))
(9. The Vor Game (Bujold))
(8. The Warrior's Apprentice (Bujold))
Feb. 7. The Scent of Shadows (Pettersson)
6. Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (Davidson & Alongi)
(5. Dragonsinger (McCaffrey))
4. Grimspace (Aguirre)
3. Fearless Fourteen (Evanovich)
2. Midnight Rising (Adrian)
Jan. 1. Mystic and Rider (Shinn)

Books Read in 2008
90. Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake (Brown)
89. New Spring (Jordan)
88. The Sharing Knife: Passage (Bujold)
87. Dragon's Fire (McCaffrey & McCaffrey)
86. Feast of Fools (Caine)
Dec. (85. (Twilight) Meyer)
84. Sex, Lies, and Vampires (Macalister)
83. Elantris (Sanderson)
82. Slave to Sensation (Singh)
81. Chill Factor (Caine)
80. Shards of Honor (Bujold)
Nov. 79. A Rush of Wings (Phoenix)
78. Tanner's Scheme (Leigh)
77. Dawn's Awakening (Leigh)
76. Vampire Academy (Mead)
75. B.O.B.'s Fall (Chadwick & Leigh)
74. The Sea of Monsters (Riordan)
73. Heat Stroke (Caine)
72. Ill Wind (Caine)
71. The Princess and the Hound (Harrison)
70. A Civil Campaign (Bujold)
Oct. 69. Broken (Armstrong)
68. The Disappeared (Rusch)
(67. The Sharing Knife: Legacy (Bujold))
66. From Dead to Worse (Harris)
65. Komarr (Bujold)
64. All Together Dead (Harris)
63. Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold! (Brooks)
Sept. 62. Satisfaction Guaranteed (Monroe)
61. Stardoc (Viehl)
60. Wicked Lovely (Marr)
59. Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid (Collins & Rideout)
58. Kiss of Crimson (Adrian)
57. Speaker For The Dead (Card)
56. Lover Enshrined (Ward)
55. Lean Mean Thirteen (Evanovich)
Aug. 54. Breaking Dawn (Meyer)
(53. Eclipse (Meyer))
52. Play Me (Ruby)
51. The Caves of Steel (Asimov)
50. The Devil's Right Hand (Saintcrow)
49. Ender's Shadow (Card)
48. Sebastian (Bishop)
July (47. New Moon (Meyer))
46. The Summoning (Armstrong)
45. Jinx (Cabot)
(44. The Sharing Knife: Beguilement (Bujold))
(43. Blood Ties: Ashes to Ashes (Armintrout))
42. Lamb (Moore)
41. My Favorite Husband (McCutcheon)
June 40. Kitty Takes a Holiday (Vaughn)
39. Kitty Goes to Washington (Vaughn)
38. Killer Insight (Laurie)
(37. Twilight (Meyer))
36. Damsel Under Stress (Swendson)
35. Thanksgiving (Evanovich)
34. Lord of the Fading Lands (Wilson)
33. Daddy's Girl (Scottoline)
May 32. Rogue (Vincent)
31. Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Vaughn)
30. Peeps (Westerfeld)
29. Haunted (Armstrong)
28. Memory (Bujold)
27. Shifter (Knight et al)
26. The Lightning Thief (Riordan)
25. The Supernaturalists (Colfer)
April 24. Ender's Game (Card)
23. Flower of the Deep Sleep I & II (Kazumi)
22. Midnight Alley (Caine)
22. Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives (Schreiber)
21. Megan's Mark (Leigh)
20. Fire Study (Snyder)
19. Prom Nights from Hell (Cabot et al)
18. Wanted (McKenna)
March 17. Dark Challenge (Feehan)
16. Betrayed (Cast & Cast)
15. Marked (Cast & Cast)
14. Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Gabaldon)
13. Cry No More (Howard)
12. Kiss of Midnight (Adrian)
11. With Red Hands (Woodworth)
10. The Morcai Battalion (Palmer)
9. Wolf Tower: The Claidi Journals (Lee)
Feb. 8. The Trouble with Magic (Alt)
7. Anansi Boys (Gaiman)
6. Undead and Unreturnable (Davidson)
5. Naked in Death (Robb)
4. A Certain Slant of Light (Whitcomb)
3. In the Hand of the Goddess (Pierce)
2. Alanna: The First Adventure (Pierce)
Jan. 1. Mirror Dance (Bujold)

Books Read in 2007
100. The Stupidest Angel (Moore)
99. Riley (Foster)
(98. Lover Eternal (Ward))
97. Heart of Stone (Murphy)
96. Definitely Dead (Harris)
95. Dead as a Doornail (Harris)
94. Dead to the World (Harris)
Dec. 93. The Princess Academy (Hale)
92. Sins of the Night (Kenyon)
91. The Sharing Knife, Vol II: Legacy (Bujold)
(90. Lover Awakened (Ward))
89. Love Among the Walnuts (Ferris)
88. Plum Lovin' (Evanovich)
87. Twelve Sharp (Evanovich)
86. Lover Unbound (Ward)
85. Midnight Run (Rice)
84. Wolf Who Rules (Spencer)
Nov. 83. The Devil You Know (Carey)
82. Speak (Anderson)
81. Brothers in Arms (Bujold)
80. Circus of the Darned (Maxwell)
79. And Able (Monroe)
78. Sense of Evil (Hooper)
77. Caught in the Act (Foster)
76. Bad Boys with Expensive Toys (Warren, et al)
75. The Sharing Knife, Vol 1: Beguilement (Bujold)
74. Borders of Infinity (Bujold)
73. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (Gabaldon)
72. Empire of Ivory (Novik)
Oct. 71. The Goblin Wood (Bell)
70. The Society of S (Hubbard)
69. Pobby and Dingan (Rice)
68. Industrial Magic (Armstrong)
67. Eleven on Top (Evanovich)
(66. Bitten (Armstrong))
65. Fangs for the Memories (Love)
64. The Shadow of the Wind (Zafron)
(63. Dragondrums (McCaffrey))
Sept 62. Undead and Unappreciated (Davidson)
61. Eclipse (Meyer)
60. Dime Store Magic (Armstrong)
(59. Dragonflight (McCaffrey))
58. Vamps and the City (Sparks)
57. New Moon (Meyer)
56. Blood Ties III: Ashes to Ashes (Armintrout)
55. The Undomestic Goddess (Kinsella)
Aug 54. Dead Girls' Dance (Caine)
53. Lover Revealed (Ward)
52. Glass Houses (Caine)
51. (Dragonsinger (McCaffrey))
50. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Rowling)
49. Stray (Vincent)
48. Code Name Cassandra (Cabot)
47. Lover Awakened (Ward)
46. Lover Eternal (Ward)
45. When Lightning Strikes (Cabot)
(44. Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (Rowling))
43. Across the Nightingale Floor (Hearn)
July 42. The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Willig)
41. Knife of Dreams (Jordan)
40. A Dirty Job (Moore)
39. Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast (MacKenzie)
38. Ten Big Ones (Evanovich)
37. The Hallowed Hunt (Bujold)
36. If Wishes Were Horses (Hill)
June 35. Dead Man Rising (Saintcrow)
34. Willing (Monroe)
33. Bubbles in Trouble (Strohmeyer)
32. Dark Lover (Ward)
31. Return to Me (McKenna)
(30. Dragonsong (McCaffrey) reread)
29. Labyrinth (Mosse)
May 28. Better Read Than Dead (Laurie)
27. Grave Sight (Harris)
26. If Angels Burn (Viehl)
25. The Chaos King (Ruby)
24. Out of the Night (Popp)
23. City of Bones (Clare)
22. Bubbles Unbound (Strohmeyer)
April 21. The Givenchi Code (Kenner)
20. Haunting Rachel (Hooper)
19. Heiress For Hire (McCarthy)
18. Why Girls Are Weird (Ribon)
17: Cetaganda (Bujold)
16: The Lady and the Unicorn (Chevalier)
15. Ready (Monroe)
March 14. The Safe-Keeper's Secret (Shinn)
13. Hidden Honor (Stuart)
12. Blood Ties Book II: Possession (Armintrout)
11. The Hero Strikes Back (Moore)
10. Resenting the Hero (Moore)
9. Once Upon Stilettos (Swendson)
Feb. 8. Magic Study (Snyder)
7. Tall, Dark, and Hungry (Sands)
6. Full Speed (Evanovich and Hughes)
5. Goodnight Nobody (Weiner)
4. The Masque of the Black Tulip (Willig)
3. Tinker (Spencer)
2. Dreaming Spires (Hastings)
Jan. 1. A Walk in the Woods (Bryson)

Books Read in 2006
102. The Tiger Rising (DiCamillo)
101. The Vor Game (Bujold)
100. Don't Tell (Rose)
99. Sex Appeal (Foster)
98. Blood Ties Book I: The Turning (Armintrout)
97. A Greek God at the Ladies' Club (McKnight)
96. To The Nines (Evanovich)
Dec. 95. Gods in Alabama (Jackson)
94. Dark Sister (Joyce)
93. Touch the Dark (Chance)
92. Morrigan's Cross (Roberts)
91. Conflict of Honor (Lee & Miller)
90. Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas (Rennison)
89. How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire (Sparks)
88. The Warrior's Apprentice (Bujold)
87. Kissing Coffins (Schreiber)
86. Vampire Kisses (Schreiber)
Nov. 85. Paladin of Souls (Bujold)
84. Stolen (Armstrong)
83. The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Decorum (Izzo & Marsh)
82. Bad Boys To Go (Foster et al)
81. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation (Willig)
80. Hard Eight (Evanovich)
79. Eragon (Paolini)
78. Hot Stuff (Phillips)
77. Night's Kiss (Ashley)
76. Tell it to the Marines (Fetzer)
Oct. 75. Bras & Broomsticks (Mlynowski)
74. The Curse of Chalion (Bujold)
73. The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax (Gilman)
72. Night Bites (Bangs)
71. Enchanted, Inc. (Swendson)
70. Seven Up (Evanovich)
69. A Bite to Remember (Sands)
68. Hot Six (Evanovich)
67. The Nerd Who Loved Me (Thompson)
66. Deception Point (Brown)
65. On The Bright Side... (Rennison)
Sept. 64. Dark Magic (Feehan)
63. Heir Apparent (Vande Velde)
62. A Funny Thing Happened... (Richardson)
61. High Five (Evanovich)
60. Marly's Choice (Leigh)
59. Magyk: Septimus Heap, Book One (Sage)
58. The Nymphos of Rocky Flats (Acevedo)
57. Dark Gold (Feehan)
56. Ghostlight (Bradley)
August 55. Mind Game (Feehan)
54. Boy Meets Girl (Cabot)
53. Bet Me (Crusie)
52. Black Powder War (Novik)
51. Throne of Jade (Novik)
50. Four To Score (Evanovich)
49. Abby Cooper; Psychic Eye (Laurie)
48. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging (Rennison)
47. Wild Rock (Takashima)
46. Can You Keep A Secret? (Kinsella)
45. Three To Get Deadly (Evanovich)
44. The Sultan of Atlantic City (Rudolph)
July 43. His Majesty's Dragon (Novik)
42. Working for the Devil (Saintcrow)
41. Poison Study (Snyder)
40. Private Pleasures (Small)
39. In the Forests of the Night (Atwater-Rhodes)
38. I Am Spock (Nimoy)
37. I Was A Teenage Dominiatrix (Kenney)
June 36. Twilight (Meyer)
35. I Love Bad Boys (Foster et al)
34. The Seer and the Sword (Hanley)
33. A Cry For A Hero (Womack)
32. Alien Secrets (Klause)
31. The Folk Keeper (Billingsley)
30. 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys (Monroe)
May 29. The Lonely Girls Club (Forster)
28. Parlor Games and Other Stories (Michaels et al)
27. The DaVinci Code (Brown)
26. Stranger in My Arms (Kleypas)
25. Heart of a Warrior (Lindsey)
24. Redemption (Leshay)
23. Two for the Dough (Evanovich)
Apr.22. Angels & Demons (Brown)
21. You Slay Me (MacAlister)
20. BloodAngel (Musk)
19. Immortal Bad Boys (York)
18. Virgin: A Prelude to the Throne (Maxwell)
17. City of Shadows (Franklin)
16. Dreams Made Flesh (Bishop)
15. Seven Daughters and Seven Sons (Cohen)
14. Bad Boys Next Exit (McKenna)
Mar.13. The Star King (Grant)
12. The Princess Diaries (Cabot)
11. Middlesex (Eugenides)
10. The China Garden (Berry)
Feb.9. A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Gabaldon)
8. Shadow Baby (McGhee)
7. The Traveler (Twelve Hawks)
6. The Westing Game (Raskin)
5. Baby, I'm Yours (Andersen)
4. Dark Desire (Feehan)
3. Gone For Good (Coben)
2. Bad Boys Online (McCarthy)
Jan.1. The Summer Country (Hetley)

TBR's and Reserves That Need Mailing Soon:
1. The Perfect Lover (sarradee)
2. Deadly Pleasure (Needsun)
3. Eternity (Needsun)
4. Hers (purple-pixie)
5. Forgiving (kzel)
6. Dragon Moon (Auntdia)
7. On The Bright Side... (ring)
8. Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas (ring)
9. A Perfect Day for Love Letters (Sand)
10. Twilight (mellion108)
11. Blinded and Grave Sight (LML)
12. Fantasy Swap book (Xeyra)
13. Code Name Cassandra (daughterofcokie)*
14. Deep Sleep's (AEZ)
15. Charming the Highlander (gailcm)
16. Night Whispers/Cry No More (Nou)
17. Harmony's Way (k_kay/delaniamac)
18. Alanna/In the Hand of the Goddess (nikel27)
19. Heir Apparent (KathyB)
20. The Undomestic Goddess (NMZ)

* Person is not answering requests for address.

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Books I have actually caught in the wild: One! On December 3, 2004!

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