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I'm an author...and I have to say I am not at all afraid that Bookcrossing will take away income or whatever. In fact, I'm intrigued to see where a book might end up after being "released."

Found one of my own books that had traveled from Oregon to...Europe, I think. Made me chuckle to think it had traveled so far. It must be in pretty ragged condition by now, poor thing!

I'm fond of science fiction and fantasy, mysteries, and romances, so that's probably what I'll be releasing out there...when I get the chance to read! Writing books doesn't give me much time to read them, unless they're research books, unfortunately.'ll probably help me clear out my bookshelves a little. Right now, my favorite authors are Charles de Lint, Roberta Gellis, Shakespeare, Curtiss Ann Matlock, Barbara Samuel, Jo Beverley, Robin McKinley, Patricia McKillip, Mary Jo Putney, Deb Stover, Kathleen Norris, Denise Levertov, and...well, the list goes on.

A little about me...I'm a writer, wife, mom, and basically live the middle-middle-class suburban life, which suits me just fine. I do some volunteer work, knit, spin yarn, do church stuff. Have a sweet husband and alarmingly intelligent teenaged son. Just your average middle-class person, I guess, nothing particularly exciting. I've been a Quality Assurance Analyst, technical writer, secretary, etc. in the past, but recently have been writing novels full time, since the job market isn't that great. For now, anyway. You never know how a publishing career will turn out; I might have to get a "real" job to supplement the family income some time down the line, particularly when our son goes to college. Or, if the local economy gets even more, not going to think about that. For now, writing books helps get us by, and that's good.

I've also published...gee...trying to's ten books now and two novellas in two anthology collections. No, I guess it'll be eleven books by the time January 2004 rolls around. The first nine books were published by Penguin USA, and then the last two by Bantam-Doubleday Dell. One anthology was published by Kensington, the other by NAL (Penguin). It's been fun writing books; a nice way to raise a child and supplement the family income a bit.

--Karen H.

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