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Update: Sept. 19/13 Well, my husband is now the editor of a local publication. Yaaay him!! But bad for me, since he now hogs the laptop 24/7. I'm not kidding!! I can't get on it ever! It is difficult to answer emails, get addresses, etc.. So, I am asking for a new laptop for Christmas. Please be patient if you are trying to reach me.

Update: March 19th,2013 My daughter made it home safely from her trip to Scotland. She had a great time!

My daughter is in Scotland right now touring with her high school rugby team. My profile picture shows her send off March 6th.

The only province in Canada I haven't visited is Newfoundland and Labrador. The commercials in this link,click here, produced by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, are so beautiful!!! They make me want to visit Newfoundland next. My favourites are the Viking one; Iceberg Alley; Ancient Land; and the one about dialects spoken, but all the commercials are very well done.

For the Birthday RABCK we were asked to post on our profile some things we like (other than books) Here are some things I like:
tea (my favourite is loose leaf black, flavoured or unflavoured, but I also like green, white, herbal and will try any other)
chocolate (any type) and candy
fridge magnets
stamps for my fathers collection

I am on

Here is a spoof on the War of 1812 video below (you might have to put up with commercials first):
22 Minutes spoof on 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 video.

Sometimes I send fellow bookcrossers chocolate from Laura Secord's. This chocolate company was named after a Canadian heroine from the war of 1812. See the video below where they show snipits of her in an 1812 reinactment.
200th anniversary of the War of 1812 video.
Here is more about her: Laura Secord

I love this commercial by Rona for the 2012 Olympics. The "athletes" run, ride, speed walk etc...across Canada, starting in British Columbia and ending in Newfoundland. (along the way you see Vancouver, Canadian Rockies, the prairies, Niagara Falls, Toronto skyline(CN tower), Montreal skyline and shores of the maritime provinces) RONA 2012 Olympic Relay TV Commercial.

Spring 2011
I changed my wings again to butterflies for the spring and also because I will be down at Point Pelee for the next week enjoying the bird migration and other flora and fauna. Maybe I can figure out how to post pictures of my trip here, when I get back.
Well no sucess with picture. Mainly because I don't have the time.

Wow so far my site isn't very exciting. I keep typing stuff here and it doesn't save it!
Next time I'll type it on WORD and paste it here. At least then I won't have to retype again.

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