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Update Jan 2021: I've been lost in my own world - I write to fantastic prompt sites for poetry and writing.

Getting to travel a bit while my other half is working. Mostly in the USA States.

I have not often checked the email with this account. I had to reset my password again...

I am trying to read more. I visited my local Free Libraries. Lots of free book exchanges.

Thank you for remembering that this is a book trading site. When requesting an available book from a profile, first make sure that person has it. And then politely ask how or what you can trade for it.

FYI: JulesPaige = Jewels (words) on a Page - I'm a gal! ...

for book lovers and poets... a tanka
(longer haiku form):

Paper, ink, lines, spine
Paragraph, chapter - touch me
Teach me and fill me

Tell me a story: Truth - Dare
Trill my imagination

I've added to my OZ and Pinocchio collections - I just haven't gotten around to updating this list.

Any L. Frank Baum and or his Wizard of OZ books. Two notes: The original Ruby Red Slippers where silver.
And originally OZ was White but seen as green by the Green Goggles the Wizard handed out!
Or Pinocchio books from your neck of the woods - even in your native language.
Also Oz and Pinocchio jokes or cartoons from your local papers :)

Wiz Books that I have: (BC = from a BCer!)
Wonderful OZ PC from southernfryed! Sept 2010
1)Journeys Through Oz Derrydale 1979 Edition HC
2)The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 100th Anniversary Edition
*Pictures by W.W.Denslow HarperColleinsPublishers HC
3)The Wizard of OZ by The Reilly & Lee Co. PB
4)Ozma of OZ illustrated by John R. Neill PB
*Scholastic Book Services 1975
5)The Wizard of Oz PB Award Book, Inc
6)The Road to Oz PB A Watermill Classic 1985
7)The Wizard of Oz cover by Veronika Hart PB
*Scholastic Book Services
8)The Wizard of Oz intro by donald Wollheim PB
*An Airmont Classic pub. by. Airmont Pub.Co.Inc
9)The Marvelous Land of Oz Ill. by Neill PB
*Dover Publications, Inc 1904
10)The Marvelous Land of Oz cover by Dom Lupo PB
*Scholastic Book Services 1970
11)The Story of The Wizard of Oz PB
*A Walt Disney Read along (no tape)
12)The Wizard of Oz retold by William Furstenberg\
*PB Weekly Reader Books 1984
13)The Wizard of Oz Cookbook: Breakfast in Kansas
*Dessert in Oz Key/ Brazil/ Wells HB
*Abbevill Press Publishers 1993 Hollywood Hotplates
14)BC From Italy: Il mago di Oz (c)1999 (Jan 2010-from italianeowyn)
15)BC from Italy" from italianeowyn gifted for December 2010:
El Maravilloso Mago De Oz by L. Frank Baum Spanish Edition
c 2004 Dalmation Press
16) Gifted from Simson-Shilitoe (Feb 2011): Children's Classics In English; The Wizard of Oz - This delightful paperback was printed by Parragon in 1994 and is 151 pages.
17) from Minesayn 'The Wizard of OZ' Treasury of Illustrated Classics Cover Art by Carole Gray c)2009 HB pp189 Ill. by Quadrum Solutions
18) From Italianeowyn (and Little One!) from Vienna (Austria) Der Zauberer von Oz by (Lyman) Frank Baum Aus dem Amerikanischen von Freya Stephan-Kuhn mit Bildern von Kaus Muller. Arena Kinerbuch-Kassiker 2010 HB pp194

Pinocchio Books that I have:
(The original Pinocchio was published in 1883):

1)Pinocchio the Boy a signed copy by Lane Smith HB
*Viking 2002
2)Pinocchio retold by Freya Littledale PB
*cover by Ted Hanke Scholastic Book Service 1979
3)Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (Translated) HB
*The Goldsmith Publishing Company
Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi PB
*Puffin Classics 1974
4)A First Little Golden Book Walt Disney's Pinocchio
*HB Adapted by Nikki Grimes ill.Ortiz/Wakeman 1992
Honey Bear Books Press and Play Pinocchio HB
*Modern Publishing (Unisystems Inc) 1986
5)BC from Italy: Le Avventure Di Pinocchio (c)2002 (Jan 2010 from italianeowyn)
6)BC from Finland, an Italian version: Le Avventure di Pinocchio c1972 by GRAFISK FORLAG A/S (Feb 2010-from lukutuoli)
7)BC from Finland in that lanugage: Pinokkio by Carlo Colliodi - Kestutis Kasparavicius c1993 Coppernrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (Feb 2010-from lukutuoli)
8)BC from USA Walt Disney's Pinocchio c1995 -Grolier Book Club Edition (Registered by Rosepetal2 Sept 2008, gifted by southernfryed Feb 2010)
9)BC from Israel: Pinocchio in Hebrew (gifted by Unwrittenlibra March 2010)
10)BC from USA The Adventures of Pinocchio/Treasury of illustrated Classics by Carlo (Lorenzini) Collidi born in 1826 - Collidi is a small town outside of Florence where Carlo Lorenzini was raised! Illustrated by Bob Berry (c)2008 by Modern Publishing - A Divison of Unisystems, Inc. NYC, NY (gifted by Minesayn March 2010)
11) Well Loved Tales: Pinocchio retold by Audrey Daly illustrated by Martin Aitchison - Ladybird Books c MCMLXXIX (gifted by BC Brookler July 2010)
12 (PC no ID)Carlo Collodi The Adventures of Pinocchio Story of a Puppet. New translation by Nancy Canepa, New illustrations by Carmelo Lettere STEERFORTH ITALIA. c2002 Steerforth Press (Vermont,USA)
From the New Library Cafe/bookstore.
13) Info to be added: A wonderful coloring book
14) and chubby board book about Pinoccho making cookies in English and Spanish both from Itanlianeowyn (gifted for Dec 2010)
15) Gifted from Simson-Shilitoe (Febrary 2011)a wonderful puzzle buch in German of Pinocchio with six, six piece puzzles to share with my grandson!
16) from Minesayn; The Adventures of Pinocchio, Treasury of Illustrated Classics, c)2009 cover art by Julia Lundman HB 188 ill. Bob Berry

I've added to this collection by some Little Free Library finds, and Charity shop purchases too.

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