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Dear fellow reader,

It's nice to meet you here in the Bookcrossing world. In the beginning of my career as a reader I sat on my grandfathers knee as he showed me pictures from an agricultural calender. After my parents got tired of reading aloud, they loaned cassette books, gave an old cassette recorder and left me to it. When I was at school my every schoolbag got in bits and pieces because I tried to carry more books home from the library than it was baggely or physically possible. I read all sorts of books and still do, my current reading trends are just about as difficult to define exactly as ever. The most that I can say is that I enjoy good books. The books with stories or books that just observe, books with laughter and tears, books with a human touch, books with interesting characters or places, books that one can be inside in, books to analyse, books exquisitely well written, books with common voices... I could carry on for quite a long time. I recommend that you take a look at the list below, because it gives you an idea of the books I wish to read in a near future. I should mention, however, that I prefer horror in books in small doses, since I think that horror is too real in the world for books to create any more.

What else do I do than read? I enjoy cooking and handicrafts. I listen to jazz, world and old music, oh, and Paul Simon. I'm an occasional photographer, as you can see from my BClabels. I love going to the any kind of museum, whether it represents art, history, ethnology, technical gadgets, science, culture, you name it. I love to go to theatre. I live in "a house of the perfect eaves", an old house, and renovating it takes a lot of time at the moment. I'm married with the best husband and friend possible. He is the only person I know who instead of having restrictions in time spent watching television was not allowed to read more than one book per day as a boy. He still reads a lot and we often share books.

I wish you long and enjoyable reading moments. I hope we can share a book sometime.

Since the site itself provides a wishlist, I'll list only some categories from which I'd like to find books some day: Books about history (novels, short stories, academic research, comics),
poems, books about photography, architecture, art, jazz music, Paul Simon, handicrafts or gardening. Shojo manga and sunjeong manhwa.
Cookbooks and books about war and military history for my husband.

And since I like when people find books I have released, here are the results of my wild releases:
27092007: Maan ääreen, found by DotDot
05102007: Arkkienkeli, found by Anonymous Finder
14102007: The Broker found by MaiQ
18102007: Viimeinen valamies by Itsen

Note: These lists will be modified over time.
Note II: I can read books in Finnish, English, Swedish and French. I prefer books in the original language, but translations are ok too.
Note III: I will do RA of BCK's, if I have means to do them and I'm on the good mood, but I don't necessarily always send you books or anything just because you ask me. I also prefer surprises. But you can always ask.

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