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I am what the French call a "rat de bibliothèque" (a "bookworm"). Books have been my passion since I was a little kid. Besides scavenging for books in thrift stores and used books stores and avidly reading them, I love to cook, to run, to travel, to knit and spend as much time as possible with my husband. I also love writing (and receiving) letters and I collect postcards and stamps from around the world.

I am a behavior analyst and work with adults with developmental disabilities and children with challenging behaviors. When I grow up I would like to own an alpaca and sheep farm so that I can combine my love for animals, knitting and nature. Of course, all animals would be extremely well-behaved because their mommy is an excellent behavior analyst. :o)

I like collecting cookbooks and recipes. Now that we moved to a place with a backyard, I found a new interest: I want to learn as much as possible about gardening, especially about plants that attract wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies. So gardening books are becoming new favorites, especially those related to Florida native plants. I moved to the US on December 31st, 2001, and I love to learn more about US and Florida History.

I've always preferred reading literature in its original language. Because I have been lucky enough to live in four countries, I speak four languages (I am working on the fifth). In order to feel close to those countries, I enjoy reading books in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and now, English. I am trying to participate more frequently in the French, Portuguese and Spanish fora and sign up for some bookrings to keep my "languages" sharp. I usually only ship within the US and to Canada because I am on a tight budget, but international rings seem to be the only way to get my hands on books in other languages, so I make some exceptions for those.

What van Gogh painting most suits you?

Blossoming Almond Tree (Feb. 1890)

Bright and full of life, this is arguably one of van Gogh’s most optimistic works.

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The books marked "PC" in my bookshelf are mostly reference books (either cookbooks or gardening books) RABCKed to me by generous bookcrossers. Although I want to continue enjoying them, I am willing to lend them for a period of time, so those bookcrossers can get more journal entries and we all become better cooks and gardeners! :o)

If you are interested in recipes, check my cookbooks. I usually post the recipes that I tried and were successful.

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