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About Reading Romance Novels:
"Oh, but I do," I sang in a half-hearted attempt to lighten the mood. "And so do fifty million other people, Mom. They're relaxing and interesting. I mean, there's agony, ecstasy, and a happy ending--who could ask for more?" I knew all the facts and figures, and there was no denying they were impressive. The two-thousand romances published each year create a $1.5 billion industry. Two-fifths of American women buy at least one romance a year. More than one-third of all popular fiction sold each year are romance. A Shakespearean scholar (and Columbia professor) had recently admitted she'd authored dozens of romances. Why should I be ashamed?"
-- excerpt from 'Everyone Worth Knowing' by Lauren Weisberger

"Of course, later there were times when I felt happy, but happiness is to joy as an electric light bulb is to the sun. Happiness always has an object, you're happy because of something, it's a condition whose existence depends on external things. Joy, on the other hand, has no object. It seizes you for no apparent reason, it's like the sun, its burning fueled by its own heart." ~excerpt from Follow Your Heart, by Susanna Tamaro


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