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Here is a little part of Roddy Doyle's The Van which is Book 3 of the Barrytown Trilogy
[One of the main characters, Jimmy Rabbitte Sr, has started to read The Man in the Iron Mask]

"He picked up the book. Only thirty-nine pages gone and over four hundred to go still and it was shite. He was sure it was good, brilliant – a classic – but he fuckin' hated it. It wasn't hard; that wasn't it. It was just shite; boring, he supposed, but Shite was definitely the word he was looking for. And he'd have to finish it because he'd told Veronica he was reading it, told her all about it, shown it to her; the fuckin' eejit."

  • This is my little collection of mime quotations:

  • "When it came to spotting the I am an individual, dammit!s, Professor Ing was the king. It was just like clockwork. Every term, some poor, unfortunate soul would realize how silly the world was, how pointless the hoops had become, and spiral straight on out the lecture hall doors. […] most of them ended up okay. He could only think of two who had actually killed anybody, and only one, thank goodness, who had ended up as a mime, and they locked that bastard up nice and tight, so he won't be bothering anyone anymore."
    [Rutiger Knox - Mungo City - A Novel about Globalization]
  • "No clowns were funny. That was the whole purpose of a clown. People laughed at clowns, but only out of nervousness. The point of clowns was that, after watching them, anything else that happened seemed enjoyable. It was nice to know there was someone worse off than you. Someone had to be the butt of the world. [...] Clowns were only one step away from mime artists, too."
    [Terry Pratchett - Men at Arms]
  • "The expression 'quiet as mice' is a puzzling one, because mice can often be very noisy, so people who are being quiet as mice may in fact be squeaking and scrambling around. The expression 'quiet as mimes' is more appropriate, because mimes are people who perform theatrical routines without making a sound. Mimes are annoying and embarrassing, but they are much quieter than mice..."
    [Lemony Snicket - The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 4)]
  • "Saint Peter [...] was still stuck with balancing the accounts manually. The points system was complicated, developed over thousands of years. And, of course, new transgressions were added every year. Members of boy bands and mime artists were two recent categories with heavy loading."
    [Eoin Colfer - The Wish List]
  • "[It] made me look like I've got Attention Deficit Disorder, or whichever one it is where you freeze on the spot, or do mime acts or whatever."
    [DBC Pierre - Vernon God Little]
  • "The Prime Minister staggered backwards, trying to regain his balance, his arms flapped and he did that comedic-tightrope-mime kind of thing that always drew a standing ovation from the patrons of the Tomorrowman Tavern. Even from the ones that remained sitting down. Or at least they used to, back in the 1970s in the golden era of comedic-tightrope-mime acts."
    [Robert Rankin - Web Site Story]
  • "[Lord Vetinari] would tolerate absolutely anything apart from anything that threatened the city. And mime artists. It was a strange aversion, but there you are. Anyone in baggy trousers and a white face who tried to ply their art anywhere within Ankh's crumbling walls would very quickly find themselves in a scorpion pit, on one wall of which was painted the advice: Learn The Words."
    [Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards!]
  • "The song reached its echoing, shuddering conclusion, the performance with it, (...). This drew warm applause from the gathered spectators, several of whom were vocally of the opinion that it was 'a lot better than that robotic mime shite ye usually get doon Argyle Street'."
    [Christopher Brookmyre - The Sacred Art of Stealing]
    "Die 'zehnte Muse', auch leichte Muse oder Chichi genannt, ist verantwortlich für Kabarett, Jonglage, Zauberei, Strandburgenbau, Karikatur, Straßentheater, Telenovela, Seifenoper, Chanson, Schlager, Puppenspiel, Schattenriss, Frühstücksfernsehen, Pantomime, Varieté, Poledance, Burlesque und die anderen Arten von leichtgewichtigen Künsten."
    [Jörg Maurer - Am Abgrund lässt man gern den Vortritt]

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