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Hey guys my name is Heather

I haven't had the extra funding to be as active on here as I would like, so if there is a delayed with me shipping stuff or sending out books please bare with me, I will send them out! I love sharing stuff with others! Random acts of kindness are my favorite. ❤️️

I am dealing with a pretty severe and rare neurological disease, thats left me paralyzed in my legs and also flucuating my eyesight so please bear with me with shipping times and journaling books, I appreciate everything and everyone on this website.🙏��

My wife- Heather was just diagnosed with Chiari & Syringomyelia. A RARE life threatening neurological condition. We are very sorry we have not been able to journal books or keep up with book-crossing during this time, she just turned 30 and is facing life saving brain surgery.

for more on her strory go here:

I use reading as a way to escape and enjoy a hobby on days I dont feel myself.

I have the most amazing husband in the world!!! that I truly love with all of my heart.

I wrote an article over living on with a chronic disease in hopes to bring awareness. I hope this helps and inspires someone.

It was published so I thought I was would share!

I LOVE THE LORD. :) He has continued to bless me and change my life.

I enjoy loom knitting, journaling,gardening, exercise , dog training, cooking and baking,couponing,running,crafting,reading the bible,volunteering and most important to me is spending time with family.

I love animals and am very passionate about them.

I have a pug named Bobby whom I love to death and two cats Maggie and Drazella, as well as two chinchillas Chingy, and Whitey

Teaching is my passion and I enjoy learning and teaching others new things! :>

Reading is my favorite hobby.

I love all different books but some of my favorite books have been books my Emily Giffin, The last Lecture,Karen Kingsbury, and the Twilight Saga to Nicholas Sparks & even some Stephen King! I have also found a love and passion for cooking so any type of cookbook always tends to intrigue me. Some of my favorite cookbooks would have to be ANY TYPE OF GLUTEN FREE COOKBOOK ( I am gluten free due to my disease) Joy of Cooking, Top Secret Recipes, Mastering the Art of French Cooking and the Campbell's Soup Cookbooks as well as Mrs.Lucy's Cajun Cooking or Martha Stewart!

thanks for looking at my page =D

I just registered but if you cant find me let me know please. I am new to this!! :)

Happy Reading!

my wish list includes:

-I am battling rare chiari and syringomyelia so ANY books or awareness stuff on these such as bracelets/postcards/ orange ribbons ( anything uplifting)

ANY type of adult coloring book or pencils!

I have recently started painting rocks, with little Scripture's or encouraging pictures, to leave out for others! So anything with this hobby is appreciated as well.

-I am starting a new hobby and getting into training therapy animals.
-My pug is a registered therapy dog and I use him to help the special needs.
-ANYTHING with pugs or animals
-Any type of animal book
-Anything owl themed ( I love owls) <33
-Any type of photography book or photography ( LOVE)
-Any books on yoga or meditation ( very very appreciated)

-Any books on making jewerly or wire wrapping (newish hobby)
-ANY books on crystals or rocks
-Any books on essential oils
-ANY essential oils

-Any type of book about therapy dogs or animals
- ANY Paleo Cookbooks. ( very appreciated)

-Friendship Bread by Darien Gee
-ANY type of christian uplifting stories.
-Anything with a pug on it! I collect pug things because I own a pug :)
-I also collect cookbooks! I LOVE any and all cookbooks
-A subscription to Readers Digest Magazine
-A subscription to Gluten Free Living Magazine ( very needed)

-Anything related to Chinchillas. I also own 2 chinchillas haha!
-Also anything with cupcakes on it!! I love to decorate with cupcake themed things!!

Book crossing Wings :)
stickers, pens, pencils,postcards,post its anything FUN! :)

I truly CANT WAIT to give back to everyone! I so look forward to surprising others!

I am a VERY easy person to make happy and I cherish anything I get! <3

have a blessed day

my amazon wish list: Wish List via @amazon


Happy Reading!

I am registering for the first time on

Location: USA

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