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I am done with BookCrossing. My adventures with Buffy25 and her coterie of bleeding-hearts have left me not wanting to do anything else here. I will continue reading, but no more trading, no more releases, no more RABCKs. Abur...

I came to this site via BookCrossing was a recommended link, and I fell in love with it.

At one point I joined a real book club, but I am too undisciplined to read on assignment. BookCrossing is almost like a virtual book club that transcends boundaries and time. If I’m lucky, I can read what other people think of my books.

I have a weakness for old, cheapy books. Many of my finds come from library sales, thrift stores, etc. I tend not to read too many bestsellers. Some of the greatest books i've read cannot be found on a bestsellers list.

I owe my love of books to my mother, who realized early on that i enjoyed reading, and made sure there were always plenty of books around. This is the greatest gift I have ever received. No matter how old I am when I die, I know I will never die bored.

Descubrí esta pagina a través de BookCrossing era uno de los enlaces recomendados, y me enamoré.

Hace ya un tiempo pertenecí a un club de lectura, pero soy demasiado indisciplinada para que me pongan deberes. BookCrossing es casi como un club virtual de lectura que se extiende más allá de los límites del espacio y del tiempo. Con suerte, puedo averiguar lo que piensa la gente de mis libros.

Me fascinan los libros viejos y baratos. Muchos de mis hallazgos vienen de las ventas que organiza mi biblioteca local cada pocos meses, o de tiendas de reventa, etc. No leo muchos “bestsellers”. Algunos de los mejores libros que he leído nunca han figurado en una lista “bestsellers”.

Le debo mi amor a la lectura a mi madre, porque en cuanto se dio cuenta de que me gustaba leer, se aseguró que siempre hubiera muchos libros en casa. Éste es el mejor regalo que he recibido en la vida. No importa cuan vieja muera, sé que nunca me moriré de aburrimiento.

Finished (and memorable) BookRays/Rings

Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder: Ivy League bean pole scared in NYC starts pumping iron and becomes obsessed, then comes back to his senses and writes this awesome book (he's so handsome too)
Terry: My Daughter's Life-and-Death Struggle with Alcoholism: Senator MacGovern's account of a very personal tragedy. Read those entries!
Shopgirl, by Steve Martin: The complex love dance between men and women
Blue Jelly: Nothing better than busy hands for overcoming a rude heartbreak.Come see the map of the book's journey!
Roommates : My Grandfather's Story: Rocky is the grandpa of the title, stubborn as a mule, but it was his dynamo personality what helped the family snap out of despair
Autobiography of a Face: Lucy Grealy's quest for beauty and love
Love, Loss, and What I Wore: Clothes do not define a person, but they can cling to your memory like a polyester skirt to pantyhose
The Worst Thing A Suburban Girl Could Imagine, by Melissa Bank: A chapter from one of my all-time favorite books, The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People: Toby Young's account of his years as editor of Vanity Fair. Like the magazine, equal parts of fluff and grey matter
A Girl Named Zippy: little Zippy's account of her childhood in Indiana, at a time when the instant gratification thirst of today had not yet ruined the collective innocence
Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys, by Eric Garcia: Does the term "Chick Lit" make your toes curl? Then this book is definitively for you
The World of Normal Boys, by K. M. Soehnlein: The painful realizations of coming-of-age and coming-out Robin
Bless Me, Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya: Young Tony is torn as he learns about religion, destiny and tradition. Ultima helps him navigate these dangerous territories
Wrong Information Is Being Given Out at Princeton, by J. P. Donleavy: Stephen O'Kelly'O and his exciting misadventures and ponderings in the great city of New York post WWII
Myra Breckinridge, by Gore Vidal: Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again
The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold: Susie, from Heaven, observes the aftermath of her murder and how her loved ones survive
The Mosquito Coast, by Paul Theroux: A trip to Hell and back, recounted by a master novelist
Behind the Scenes at the Museum, by Kate Atkinson: The many generations of an unfortunate saga recount their life stories in England and abroad
I Love Gootie: My Grandmother's Story, by Max Apple: A complement to Roommates, this is the story of the author's wonderful relationship to his grandmother
Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, by Mary Pipher: You may not fully understand a teenage girl after reading this, but you will understand her better
The Driftwood Book: Working with Materials Sculptured by Nature, by Mary E. Thompson: Super-retro decorations for your house! Get in touch with your artsy self!
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, by Dai Sijie: The lure of the forbidden, in the shape of books, in the shape of love, helps a couple of reeducated teenagers endure the dark ages of Mao's China
The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, by G. B. Edwards: Who could have imagined that the life of a farmer and fisherman in bucolic Guernsey was so steamy and full of excitement?
The Orchard On Fire, by Shena Mackay: The acronym BFF used to make me laugh, till I read this Booker Prize finalist
In the Place of Fallen Leaves, by Tim Pears: Thirteen year-old Alison discovers life during the pre-global warming scorching summer of 1984
Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler: Butler's most acclaimed novel, a first hand view of slavery in the XIX century with XX century eyes, courtesy of time travel
Foreign Devil, by Wang Ping: Nearly autobiographical account of life in China in the Cultural Revolution days. A nice complement to Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress
Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic, by Scott Simon et al: The more we own, the less time we have to enjoy it. What a moronic society we have built!

Stalled BookRays/Rings (deadbeats of the world, may Karma bite you in the ass)

Black and Blue, by Anna Quindlen: battered woman escapes her husband and lays low trying to rebuild her life
Change Me into Zeus's Daughter: growing up dirt poor in Alabama with a narcissistic mom, an alcoholic dad, seven other siblings and a deformed face (and overcoming all that)
The Little Friend, by Donna Tartt: My favorite book of 2006. Brave and smart Harriet is determined to solve a family crime and ends up biting more than she could chew

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