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So many books, so little time!

2/26/06 I was just looking at my "Traveling" shelf tonight and can not believe the number of books I mailed that have never gotten to their destination. If I owe you a book in trade and you have not gotten it please let me know! I do not keep good records of what I sent to whom so let me know!

I just love to read.
Ok- it is official...I have no idea what is truely on my shelf. Have lost track of what I have released. Will try to do a complete up date when I have time. But meanwhile- who knows!?

I am the editor for Front Street Reviews, an on line book review site. If you are an author who is looking for a possilbe review please contact me. If you are interested in reviewing books you can send me a sample of your work. I am often looking for additional reviewers. Go to:

New Year's Resolution 2005- Track books read so here it goes...

Books I Read (2005)


Books I've Read This Year (2006)

Wish List:

Favorite Books
No Real Order, Subject to Change Without Notice

The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
Daniel Pathway Van Reid
Skellig David Almond
The Samurai's Garden Gail Tsukiyama
The Reader
Blindness Jose Saramago
Siddhartha Herman Hesse
The Colour of Magic Terry Pratchett

My dream is to read ALL books by Terry Pratchett. Thank you to all the wonderful book crossers helping me reach this dream!:

Color Key:
Books read
to be read
Would like to have

* The Colour of Magic- Read!
* The Light Fantastic (thank you)
* Equal Rites- Read!
* Mort- Read (Thank you DreamSE22)
* Sourcery
* Wyrd Sisters- TBR (thank you Antheras)
* Pyramids- TBR (thank you BigRTex)
* Guards! Guards!- read
* Eric-read(thank you Antheras)
* Moving Pictures
* Reaper Man-
* Witches Abroad-(Thanks BigrTex!)
* Small Gods-read
* Lords and Ladies- read
* Men at Arms
* Soul Music- read
* Interesting Times
* Maskerade- to be read (thanks geegal)
* Feet of Clay- to be read
* Hogfather- read
* Jingo
* The Last Continent- (thank you Wiccanhot)
* Carpe Jugulum- TBR (Thank you Antheras)
* The Fifth Elephant- read
* The Truth- TBR (thank you Antheas!)
* Thief of Time
* The Last Hero
* The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
* Night Watch- TBR
* The Wee Free Men
* Monstrous Regiment
* A Hat Full of Sky

* Once More, With Footnotes
* Going Postal- TBR
* Wintersmith
* Thud
* When I Am Old I Shall Wear Midnight
* The Discworld Companion
* The Science of Discworld
* The Science of Discworld II: the Globe
* The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch
* The Streets of Ankh-Morpork
* The Discworld Mapp
* A Tourist Guide to Lancre
* Death's Domain
* Good Omens- TBR
* Strata- to be read
* The Dark Side of the Sun
* Truckers-read
* Diggers-read
* Wings- read
* Only You Can Save Mankind
* Johnny and the Dead
* Johnny and the Bomb
* The Carpet People-read
* The Unadulterated Cat
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