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I'm an American born German and vice versa. What doesn't kill me just makes me stronger. I've always read- as a teenager 3-4 books a week!
'Till now I've only released my daughter's old childrens books(have many more) and unloved ones. My son also brought me over a big piles of his unwanted books- Hurra, what fun, I'm addicted.
My favorites are SciFi,S.King,D.Koontz,A.Rice,L.M.Alcott.....
Last year we were on vacation in the german-talking part of North Italy and there I successfully released 7 books. Got feedback on most of them. This sommer we were in MA and Canada, but no responses yet on the 7 or so books I had set free.
Don't have much luck in giving away my english books here in Germany, so I enjoy trading them with Bookcrossers in England or the USA.
Everybody in my family can't believe I give away books, but what the heck, it's my hobby.
I don't mind trading most of my available books, also overseas, but prefer surface rate, which is often almost as fast as Airmail.If you want to please me then send me a bag of Fritos instead of a book, 'cause you can't buy the world's best chips in Germany.
I have no talent whatsoever in creating labels but enjoy searching the Net for unusual, free ones.
After not too much success in releasing my english paperbacks here in Germany, I've enjoyed trading with other bookcrossers over the world. Got a great tip from Geegal in sending books cheaper. Just use large, lined inside with bubble paper envelopes, that you close with metal clasps. You have to write "Büchersendung" or "Printed Matter" on the envelopes (I printed out my own).You send them off for a much lower price as when you paste or seal the packages. I had some many re-used envelopes at home, bet they could tell stories of their own. Taking one apart I discovered many hidden addresses of members, labels and several last century stamps!! To be continued..
May 2007 -
To my Bookshelf picture, Freddy the cat, named by my son. He was the first cat in our family and I always called him my mini-panther. We got him from a neighbor and he always roamed the streets while we went out for the night. A few hrs.later, heading for our apartment, he would appear out of a field close by and accompany us home. Unfortunatly he disappeared in a snow storm, although he survived being hit by a car and many cat fights before.
I usually journal my final impression of a book without reading the former journal remarks. If you find my comments quite short, then it's because I don't want to be a plot spoiler. Out of experience I've found it's much easier to keep track of my books if I immediately register + label my incoming books. Which brought me lots of extra hours online at the BC site this year. But sooner or later I will suceed.

Today , the 20th of April 2008, I finally registered my 500th book. Hurra !!! I guess it just had to be a book from one of my favorite horror authors - the great Stephen King.

1. Any book,english or german from Barbara Delinsky, except for Family Tree.
2. Any book from Louisa May Alcott not listed on my Bookshelf.
3. Schiffsmeldungen from E. Annie Proulx
4. A tape or DVD of these films: Any filmed books written by Ingrid Noll like Hell Hath no Fury; The Burning Bed and Poisoned Blood
5. Ostseegrab from Anke Clausen.
6. Wahn from Stephen King.
7. Any book or DVD from Jane Austin novels.
8. Stephen King's The Dark Tower Saga, books 4.5 and 6.

In the fall of 2009 I left 4-5 english books in the small and cozy "Sugar in the Morning" bar in Erlangen. In the between time some of my books even traveled to Canada. If possible I will return in the spring to release more.

TWO THOUSAND AND TEN : It's been freezing and snowing since January, so I'm going to mostly sleep and read thru February ! I've been on a horror reading spree anyway lately, either it was Stephen King or Dean Koontz. My list since around Thanksgiving time:


Duma Key- King
Life Expectancy
Odd Thomas
From A Buick 8- King
and now want to dig in to the over 1070 pages of King's
Under The Dome - what fun !!
Lisey's Story - S. King
Cujo - S. King
Needful Things - S.King

Books I've read but have not been able to register, because they are gifts to others.
"The Passage" from Justin Cronin. A great 766 pages- reminded me of the "Stand" from King. The ending disappointed me until I read that it is supposed to be one of a 3-parter and also is going to be filmed!!
APRIL 2015
The end of 2018-
Haven't been very busy the last few years. At the moment I have a pile of german and english books to give away. Sending several away to old addresses from past "thru the post" exchanges, as a surprise package. Hope they will be happily recieved. I am also taking part in the german Adventsaktion in Landau. My books are to be found in the TARDIS-Bücherschrank during the Christmas season.
Almost reaching the 1000 mark !!

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