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ForeignExchange BCZ (BookCrossing Zone) is a collection of books in English which is maintained as a library for the members of ICON (International Contact Nijmegen).

The books are currently being stored in boxes by the club's committee members. They will be offered regularly at ICON events, and members are welcome to contact us to reserve one or more books, whenever they like. We will then arrange how to get the books to them.

How long can I keep the books?
You can keep the books as long as you wish, and you are under no obligation to bring them back. I hope that anyone who borrows / takes a book will look up its unique number (BCID) on the BookCrossing site, and make a Journal Entry to say what they thought of it. You can do this anonymously without joining the site, or by registering free as a member with your own screen name. In this way, we can collect our members' personal reviews of the books, and track what happened to the book.

What shall I do when I've finished the book?
Several options:
- Make a Release Note on the site to say what you're going to do with it.
- Take the book back to the next ICON bookswap / event.
- Keep the book for your personal collection.
- Pass it on to a friend.

Where does the name come from?
Foreign Exchange English-speaking Expat Club was run for many years by a small group of volunteers, organising regular social events for English speakers in the Nijmegen / Arnhem region. At the end of 2007, it was decided that a break was necessary to allow us to consider a new direction and organisation of the club. After several months of consultation, the new committee started work, with a new "house style" for the newsletters, and a new website with more information, a forum, and members-only section. To reflect the increasingly international membership of the club, it was decided to continue under the name ICON - International Contact Nijmegen. But after so many years of being called Foreign Exchange, we were reluctant to lose the name completely. Hence the decision to call our Bookcrossing Zone BCZ ForeignExchange.

Why BookCrossing?
- It's fun to swap, read, review and release books.
- Members can consult an online list of the club's books whenever they wish, without waiting for an organised event or book swap.
- We're hoping for "cross-fertilisation" from other Bookcrossers and OBCZ, so that our collection does not become stagnant.

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