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I am still attending to family business though it is a trickle now (autumn 2019? - this all seems to be taking a lot longer than I had envisaged when I originally wrote this!) so I may be remiss at periods in answering pms or reading / journalling books. Apologies in advance.

I have three passions (besides the DH and family);

gardening (when the weather allows);
reading (even more when the weather does not allow gardening!);
and our animals (any and all weathers).

I also enjoy walks in the country; good food and wine; evocative scents ranging from beautiful flowers or after-rain garden to ocean breeze or woodsmoke/bonfires; jewellery; artisan craft ~ especially wood and glass; and too many other things to mention in the woefully short amount of time I seem to have!

I am happy to swap for wishlist books from availables and/or TBR as funds allow. As I (along with most other Bookcrossers I know) seem to have a large TBR pile, I'm happy to quickly read a book from TBR if I can fit it in.
I also like the serendipity of RABCKs and NSS events. [Hint, I often find some of my 'wishes' whilst looking for NSS books, so do please check my lists.]
I was on RABCK dot com until it ceased, however, for anyone wanting to send me something as a surprise, please contact rainbow3 who holds my address at all times.
This is courtesy of the RABCK Address Contacts forum thread.

For NSS I like to receive : BC supplies (or wings!); candles (particularly scented t-lights); gardening supplies (see above); and as can also be seen above, I am fond of most nature themes (particularly butterflies, cats and flowers) and I appreciate hand crafted items.
Sweetie choices : Preferably dark chocolate (Divine, Green & Blacks, Hotel Chocolat (specific fave at the moment is Tiddly Pot (dark)) – but not Thorntons chocolate, like either nuts or fruit in chocolate too (though not together!); high cocoa milk chocolate ok too.
Books from my wishlist (up to date 20-6-19); Favourite genres : crime / mystery (not gory or horror); cosy mysteries; fiction and historical romance (though I seem to be inundated with these at present!).

Please also note that some of the books on my shelf are from my DH who (not so) secretly shares my bookshelf and occasionally some specifically picked up for releasing by my sister (rainbow3) when she has no access to the internet, so my shelf does not accurately reflect my own reading.

My current Wish List is here on Bookcrossing (however, see below).

I had intended to run down Cliff's wishlist and just use the Bookcrossing one but I am still maintaining Cliff's wishlist (though not always in so timely a manner!). I am (normally) one of the "wingless" brigade, so there are things I cannot do, however, I do extensively use the Global Bookcrossing facility. Both wishlists were up to date 28 August 2018 (bar a couple I did not add to Cliff's wishlist), but only the Bookcrossing one has been regularly updated since then.

Currently reading : Dr H E Stanton; The Plus Factor
And : Robert MacFarlane; The Wild Places
And : Marina Fiorato; The Glassblower of Murano (Book Club - Loan)
And : Paula Hawkins; Into the Water (Book Club)

Books read in 2019

Cecelia Ahern; Lyrebird; January 2019
Hania Allen; The Polish Detective; July 2019
Trisha Ashley; Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues; October 2019
Kate Atkinson; Case Histories; February 2019
Mary Balogh; A Christmas Promise; May 2019
Fredrik Backman; Britt-Marie was Here; March 2019 (Book Club)
Richard Benson; Blackboard Blunders; January 2019 (Book Club)
Elizabeth Beacon; A Regency Rebel's Seduction; March 2019
M C Beaton; Emily goes to Exeter; January 2019
M C Beaton; Minerva; June 2019
M C Beaton; The Taming of Annabelle; June 2019
M C Beaton; Deirdre and Desire; June 2019
M C Beaton; Daphne; June 2019
M C Beaton; Diana the Huntress; June 2019
M C Beaton; Frederica in Fashion; July 2019
Lilian Jackson Braun; The Private Life of The Cat Who; August 2019
Lilian Jackson Braun; The Cat Who Wasn't There; October 2019
Steve Burrows; A Siege of Bitterns; February 2019
Steve Burrows; A Pitying of Doves; May 2019
Sheila Connelly; Monument to the Dead; April 2019
Raphael Cardetti; Death in the Latin Quarter; March 2019
Stephen Clarke; A Year in the Merde; May 2019
Nicola Cornick; Deceived; January 2019
Nicola Cornick; Confessions of a Duchess; February 2019
Amanda Cross; Sweet Death, Kind Death; January 2019
Carola Dunn; Mistletoe and Murder; March 2019
Sarah Dunnakey; The Companion; August 2019
Esi Edugyan; Half Blood Blues; April 2019
Harriet Evans; Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero; October 2019
Shamini Flint; Inspector Singh Investigates Singapore School of Villainy; March 2019
Katie Fforde; Wild Designs; July 2019
Diane Gaston; A Regency Gentleman's Passion; October 2019
Mike Gayle; The Man I Think I Know; September 2019
Mary Gibson; Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts; July 2018 (Book Club)
Mario Giordano; Aunti Poldi and the Sicilian Lions; January 2019
Vanessa Greene; The Little Pieces of You and Me; January 2019
Elly Griffiths; The ZigZag Girl; March 2019
Sarah Hawkswood; Ordeal by Fire; June 2019
Sarah Hawkswood; Marked to Die; July 2019
Nick Hornby; Juliet, Naked ; March 2019 (Book Club)
Dale Hurst; Lust & Liberty; October 2019
Eloisa James; Duchess in Love; June 2019
Erica James; Hidden Talents; February 2019
Kathleen Jamie; Findings; June 2019 (Book Club - loan)
Rachel Joyce; The Music Shop; February 2019 (Book Club)
Philip Kerr; Gridiron; April 2019
Lisa Kleypas; Someone to Watch over Me; July 2019
Andrew Lane; Fire Storm; August 2019
Elsie Lee; Prior Betrothal; June 2019
Johanna Lindsey; Fires of Winter; April 2019
Michael Malaghan; It Shouldn't Happen to a Writer; April 2019
Michael Malaghan; The Master Musician's Secret; April 2019 (Book Club - loan)
Sarra Manning; Nine Uses for an Ex-Boyfriend; March 2019
Christopher Matthew; The Old Man and the Knee; September 2019
Amanda McCabe; Running from Scandal; September 2019
Heather Morris; The Tattooist of Auschwitz; March 2019
Jojo Moyes; Silver Bay; April 2019
Magdalen Nabb; Death of an Englishman; February 2019
Mary Nichols; The Viscounts Unconventional Bride; June 2019
Maggie O'Farrell; The Hand that first held Mine; May 2019
Agnes Owens; Gentlemen of the West; March 2019
James Patterson / Ricard DiLallo; French Kiss; February 2019
James Patterson / James O. Born; Malicious; February 2019
James Patterson / Shan Serafin; Come and Get Us; February 2019
Philip Pullman; Northern Lights; August 2019 (Book Club)
Julia Quinn; An Offer from a Gentleman; July 2019
Caro Peacock; A Corpse in Shining Armour; July 2019
Barbara Pym; An Academic Question; January 2019
Ian Rankin; A Cool Head; July 2019
Stella Rimington; Secret Asset; June 2019 (Book Club)
Craig Robertson; Cold Grave; February 2019
Robert Seethaler; A Whole Life; January 2019
Darren Shan; Tunnels of Blood; August 2019
Allan Shepherd; Curious Incidents in the Garden at Night-time; August 2019
Graeme Simsion; The Rosie Result; October 2019 (Book Club)
Alexander McCall Smith; Emma; August 2019
Alexander McCall Smith; The Best of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency; September 2019
Zadie Smith; Martha and Hanwell; August 2019
Michelle Styles; Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife; June 2019
Marco Vichi; Death and the Olive Grove; January 2019
Christie Watson; The Language of Kindness, The Nurses Story; May 2019 (Book Club)
Rachel Wells; A Cat Called Alfie; May 2019
Levison Wood; Eastern Horizons; September 2019 (Book Club)
A J Wright; Striking Murder; May 2019
A J Wright; Elementary Murder; May 2019
Various (Scottish Book Trust); Rebel; April 2019

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Books read in 2018

Boris Akunin; The Winter Queen; November 2018
Tasha Alexander; Death in a Floating City; February 2018
Augusto de Angelis; The Murdered Banker; February 2018
Tricia Ashley; Twelve Days of Christmas; December 2018
Mary Baloch; Only a Kiss; August 2018
Mary Baloch; No Mans Mistress; November 2018
Fiona Barton; The Child; September 2018 (Book Club)
Suzanne Berne; A Crime in the Neighbourhood; November 2018
Louis de Bernieres; The War of Don Emmanual's Nether Parts; May 2018
Stephen Booth; The Devils Edge; July 2018
Stephen Booth; Secrets of Death; March 2018 (Book Club)
Rhys Bowen; A Royal Pain; November 2018
Annie Burrows; The Viscount and the Virgin; December 2018
Andrew Cartmel; Written in Dead Wax; July 2018
Laura Childs; Blood Orange Brewing; April 2018
Jeremy Clarkson; Don't Stop me Now; March 2018
Sheila Connelly; Let's Play Dead; September 2018
Nicola Cornick; Notorious; October 2018
Vince Cross; My Story, Blitz; June 2018
Dr Benjamin Daniels; Confessions of a GP; August 2018
Nick Drake; Tutankhamun; April 2018
Kaitlin Dunnett; Scone Cold Dead; April 2018
Patrick Easter; The River of Fire; August 2018
Jenny Eclair; Moving; December 2018 (Book Club)
Suzanne Enoch; London's Perfect Scoundrel; October 2018
Anne Enright; The Green Road; October 2018 (Book Club)
Lissa Evans; Crooked Heart; November 2018
Julian Fellowes; Belgravia; June 2018 (Book Club)
Alan Furst; The Spies of Warsaw; January 2018
Patrick Gale; Notes from an Exhibition; May 2018 (Book Club)
Mark Gatiss; The Vesuvius Club; November 2018
Christine Green; Death in the Country; April 2018
John Green; Paper Towns; October 2018
Matthew Green; Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend; November 2018
Charlaine Harris; Shakespeare's Landlord; March 2018
Charlaine Harris; Shakespeare's Champion; March 2018
Charlaine Harris; Shakespeare's Christmas; March 2018
Charlaine Harris; Shakespeare's Trollop; March 2018
Charlaine Harris; Shakespeare's Counselor; March 2018
Robert Harris; Pompeii; January 2018
Robert Harris; Conclave; July 2018 (Book Club)
J A Hazeley & J P Morris; The Husband; January 2018
Georgette Heyer; Friday's Child; October 2018
Elizabeth Hoyt; Scandalous Desires; December 2018
Zora Neale Hurston; Their Eyes were Watching God; September 2018
Kazuo Ishiguro; An Artist of the Floating World; December 2018
Jonas Jonasson; The Hundred year old Man who Climbed out of a Window and Disappeared; April 2018 (Book Club)
Shelley Klein; The Book of Senior Moments; May 2018
Herman Koch; The Dinner; November 2018 (Book Club)
Asa Larsson; The Savage Altar; September 2018
Stephanie Laurens; Devil's Bride; August 2018
D H Lawrence; The Virgin and The Gypsy; September 2018
Johanna Lindsay; A Loving Scoundrel; August 2018
Norah Lofts; The Kings Pleasure; January 2018 (Book Club)
Julia London; The Devil Takes a Bride; June 2018
Julia London; Wicked Angel; June 2018
Mary-Rose MacColl; Swimming Home; December 2018
Val McDermid; The Mermaids Singing; August 2018 (Book Club)
Edward Marston; Shadow of the Hangman; February 2018
Nancy Martin; Murder Melts in your Mouth; April 2018
JoJo Moyes; Still Me; July 2018 (lent from Book Club)
Barbara Nadel; Deep Waters; September 2018
Niamh O'Connor; Too Close for Comfort; August 2018
Robin Paige; Death at Glamis Castle; January 2018
Robin Paige; Death at Hyde Park; October 2018
Robin Paige; Death at Blenheim Palace; October 2018
Robin Paige; Death on The Lizard; October 2018
Julia Quinn; The Lost Duke of Wyndham; June 2018
Julia Quinn; Mr Cavendish I Presume; June 2018
Kathy Reichs; Bare Bones; January 2018
David Read (edited); A Tommy's Sketchbook; October 2018
JD Robb; Out of This World; November 2018
Douglas Starr; The Killer of Little Shepherds; February 2018
Tony Strong; The Death Pit; August 2018
Claire Thornton & Meg Alexander; The Regency Rakes; October 2018
Claire Thornton & Meg Alexander; The Regency Lords and Ladies; October 2018
Rose Tremain; The Gustav Sonata; December 2018
L C Tyler; The Herring Sellers Apprentice; September 2018
Nathan Van Coops; In Times Like These; September 2018
Edmund De Waal; The Hare with Amber Eyes; March 2018 (Book Club)
Margaret Woodhouse; Know your Cat's Purr Points; February 2018
Various; Regency Christmas Proposals; December 2018
Various; Christmas Spirit; December 2018
Various; One City; December 2018

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Books read in 2018 : 84
Books read in 2017 : 102
Books read in 2016 : 108
Books read in 2015 : 102
Books read in 2014 : 80
Books read in 2013 : 87
Books read in 2012 : 81
Books read in 2011 : 75
Books read in 2010 : 73
Books read in 2009 : 70
Books read in 2008 : 60

(I now keep all my previous reading lists in a personal spreadsheet).

The weather in the area for me: (Since Weatherpixie seems to have dived over the horizon, I've been trying for another weather forecast, though none I've tried seem to work on here. I'll keep trying periodically).

And lastly,

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