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Although the strange Covid-19 times are easing, I am still only sending out to those willing to receive books via post. I am happy to receive books, though be warned, it may be a few days before they are journaled as they may be quarantined for a period before opening.

I have three passions (besides the DH and family);

gardening (when the weather allows);
reading (even more when the weather does not allow gardening!);
and our animals (any and all weathers).

I also enjoy walks in the country; good food and wine; evocative scents ranging from beautiful flowers or after-rain garden to ocean breeze or woodsmoke/bonfires; jewellery; artisan craft ~ especially wood and glass; and too many other things to mention in the woefully short amount of time I seem to have!

I am happy to swap for wishlist books from availables and/or TBR as funds allow. As I (along with most other Bookcrossers I know) seem to have a large TBR pile, I'm happy to quickly read a book from TBR if I can fit it in.
I also like the serendipity of RABCKs and NSS events. [Hint, I often find some of my 'wishes' whilst looking for NSS books, so do please check my lists.]
I was on RABCK dot com until it ceased, however, for anyone wanting to send me something as a surprise, please contact rainbow3 who holds my address at all times.
This is courtesy of the RABCK Address Contacts forum thread.

For NSS I like to receive : BC supplies (or wings!); candles (particularly scented t-lights); gardening supplies (plant ties, plant food etc.); and as can also be seen above, I am fond of most nature themes (particularly butterflies, cats and flowers) and I appreciate hand crafted items.
Sweetie choices : Preferably dark chocolate (Divine, Green & Blacks, Hotel Chocolat {specific fave at the moment is Tiddly Pot [dark]}) – but not Thorntons chocolate; high cocoa milk chocolate ok too; like either nuts or fruit in chocolate (though not together!).
Books from my wishlist (up to date 07-06-21); Favourite genres : crime / mystery (not gory or horror); cosy mysteries; fiction and historical romance.

Please also note that some of the books on my shelf are from my DH who (not so) secretly shares my bookshelf and occasionally some specifically picked up for releasing by my sister (rainbow3) when she has no access to the internet, so my shelf does not accurately reflect my own reading.

My current Wish List is here on Bookcrossing (however, I do have a more involved list which is not on Bookcrossing but only on my flash drive!).

I am (normally) one of the "wingless" brigade, so there are things I cannot do, however, I do extensively use the Global Bookcrossing facility. Wishlist was up to date 07 June 2021 after I checked through the older books on there (which still seem to be around but only in paperback format).

Currently reading : Dr H E Stanton; The Plus Factor
And : Robert MacFarlane; The Wild Places
And :
And : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Americanah (Book Club recommend)
And : Rachel Joyce; Perfect (Book Club recommend) (K)
And :
And : Michelle Obama; Becoming; November 2021
(Book Club (Mar 2020 – June 2021 - virtual! due to Covid19))

Books read in 2021

Cecelia Ahern; PS, I Love You; June 2021 (K)
Donna Andrews; The Real Macaw; January 2021
Donna Andrews; Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos; January 2021 (rr)
Camille Baker; Have We Met; June 2021 (K)
Mandy Baggot; One Christmas Star; February 2021
Mary Balogh; Someone to Trust; June 2021
Chloe Benjamin; The Immortalists; May 2021 (Book Club)
Jim Butcher; Storm Front; April 2021
Jim Butcher; Full Moon; May 2021
Octavia Butler; Kindred; April 2021
M R Carey; The Girl with all the Gifts; March 2021
Cathleen Clare; A Delectable Dilemma; February 2021
Imogen Clark; The Last Piece; April (K)
Imogen Clark; Postcards from a Stranger; May 2021 (K)
Imogen Clark; Postcards at Christmas; May 2021 (K)
Lucy Coleman; Summer in Provence; April 2021 (K)
Victoria Connelly; The Beauty of Broken Things; June 2021 (K)
Victoria Connelly; The Book Lovers; September 2021 (K)
Colin Cotterill; The Coroner's Lunch; January 2021
Michael Crichton; Eaters of the Dead; April 2021
Christina Dalcher; Vox; July 2021 (Book Club)
Jeanne M Dams; The Body in the Transept; July 2021 (K)
Jeanne M Dams; Trouble in the Town Hall; August 2021 (K)
Jeanne M Dams; Holy Terror in the Hebrides; September 2021 (K)
Barbara Davis; The Keeper of Happy Endings; September 2021 (K)
Margaret Forster; Lady's Maid; October 2021
Mike Gayle; All the Lonely People; March 2021 (Book Club rec.) (K)
Elizabeth Gilbert; City of Girls; August 2021 (Book Club)
Linda Gillard; The Memory Tree; April 2021 (K)
Robert Goddard; Dying to Tell; June 2021
Abbie Greaves; The Silent Treatment; January 2021 (K)
Erin Green; From Shetland with Love; August 2021 (K)
Elly Griffiths; The Stranger Diaries; July 2021
Matt Haig; The Midnight Library; May 2021 (Book Club rec.) (K)
Emily Harvale; Christmas at Wynter House; January 2021 (K)
Carl Hiaasen; Hoot; January 2021
Victoria Hislop; One August Night; October 2021 (K) (Book Club)
Khalid Hosseini; Sea Prayer; October 2021
W H Hudson; A Shepherd's Life Impressions of the South Wiltshire Downs; February 2021 (K)
Clare Hunter; Threads of Life; October 2021 (Book Club rec.)
Ana Johns; The Woman in the White Kimono; April 2021 (Book Club rec.) (K)
Lauren Juliff; How Not to Travel the World; April 2021 (Book Club)
Marjan Kamali; The Stationery Shop of Tehran; March 2021 (Book Club rec.) (K)
Freda Lightfoot; The Promise; September 2021
Yamen Manai; The Ardent Swarm; August 2021 (K)
Abigail Mann; The Lonely Fajita; October (K)
Jill Mansell; Sheer Mischief; March 2021
Edward Marston; Deeds of Darkness; March 2021
Edward Marston; Dance of Death; March 2021
Edward Marston; The Enemy Within; July 2021
Peter May; The Blackhouse; May 2021 (K)
Ian McEwan; Machines Like Me; September 2021 (Book Club)
Carole Mortimer; Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage; April 2021
Jojo Moyes; Night Music; March 2021 (Book Club) (K)
James Nally; Dance with the Dead; February 2021
Beth O'Leary; The Switch; March 2021 (K)
Ann Patchett; The Dutch House; January 2021 (Book Club Secret Santa)
Elizabeth Peters; The Seventh Sinner; January 2021
Kevin Powers; The Yellow Birds; May 2021
Hazel Prior; Ellie and the HarpMaker; March 2021 (Book Club) (K)
Helen J Rolfe; Coming Home to Heritage Cove; January 2021 (K)
Sally Rooney; Normal People; June 2021 (Book Club)
Lisa Scottoline; Everywhere that Mary Went; July 2021
Elif Shafak; Honour; February 2021 (K)
Nick Spalding; Logging Off; June 2021 (K)
Robin Stevens; Mistletoe and Murder; February 2021
Denise Grover Swank; Deadly Summer; September 2021 (K)
Victoria Tait; Fowl Murder; August 2021 (K)
A K Turner; Body Language; January 2021
Marco Vichi; Death in Florence; April 2021
Tracy Anne Warren; At the Duke's Pleasure; March 2021
Wendy Webb; Daughters of the Lake; January 2021 (K)
Rochelle B Weinstein; This is Not How it Ends; August 2021 (K)

Book Rings / Rays / Boxes joined in 2020 / 2021

Christmas Bookbox; Hosted by greenbadger; Joined 3/10/21
Mixed fiction bookbox; Hosted by etripney; Joined 27/1/21 (this host seems to have stopped responding so think this box has disappeared)
UK Crime bookbox; Hosted by kinedi; Joined 6/1/21; arrived 29/3/21; sent out 1/4/21
UK alliteration bookbox; Hosted by dolph1n; Joined 6/1/21; arrived 19/2/21; sent out 26/2/21

Challenges joined in 2021

Authors A-Z challenge Joined 1/21;

Book Boxes started in 2020 / 2021

Crime / Mystery Bookbox Round 4 started 21/5/21
Already Crossed Bookbox Round 2 started Feb/21; restarted 7/21;
Cosy Mystery Bookbox Round 3 started Jan/21;
Random Bookbox started 6/20;
Returned :
Already Crossed bookbox started 6/20; Returned home 6/1/21
Crime / Mystery Bookbox started 6/20; Returned home 6/1/21
Cosy mystery Bookbox started 5/20; stalled 7/2020

Books read in 2020

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Zikora; October 2020 (K)
Renee Ahdieh; Flame in the Mist; June 2020
Hania Allen; Clearing the Dark; January 2020
Donna Andrews; Owls Well that ends Well; January 2020
Margaret Atwell; Oryx and Crake; March 2020 (Book Club)
Fredrik Backman; A Man Called Ove; August 2020
Fredrik Backman; Us Against You; November 2020 (Book Club)
Mary Balogh; Then Comes Seduction; February 2020
Mary Balogh; Someone to Honour; February 2020
Belinda Bauer; Blacklands; May 2020
John Baxter; The Most Beautiful Walk in the World; February 2020
MC Beaton; Intrigue; January 2020
MC Beaton; Deception; January 2020
MC Beaton; Refining Felicity; July 2020
MC Beaton; Perfecting Fiona; July 2020
MC Beaton; Enlightening Delilah; July 2020
MC Beaton; Finessing Clarissa; July 2020
MC Beaton; Animating Maria; July 2020
MC Beaton; Marrying Harriet; July 2020
MC Beaton; The Marquis Takes a Bride; August 2020
Benjamin Black; The Black Eyed Blonde; April 2020
Rhys Bowen; What Child is This; November 2020 (K)
Steve Burroughs; A Cast of Falcons; April 2020
Christi Caldwell; In Bed with the Earl; November 2020 (K)
Andrea Camilleri; The Shape of Water; March 2020 (rr)
Andrea Camilleri; The Patience of the Spider; May 2020
Tracy Chevalier; The Edge of the Orchard; April 2020 (Book Club - Loan)
Tracy Chevalier; A Single Thread; October 2020 (K)
Lucy Clarke; The Sea Sisters; January 2020
Lucy Coleman; Snowflakes over Holly Cove; December 2020 (K)
Colin Cotterill; The Merry Misogynist; January 2020
Amanda Cross; The Theban Mysteries; February 2020
Shelley Day; The Confession of Stella Moon; June 2020
Anne Donovan; Buddha Da; July 2020 (rr)
Patrick Easter; The Rising Tide; December 2020
Jane Fallon; Tell Me a Secret; January 2020
C A Fletcher; A Boy and his Dog at the End of the World; October 2020 (Book Club rec. K)
Lucy Foley; The Guest List; October 2020 (Book Club rec. K)
Karen Joy Fowler; We are All Completely Beside Ourselves; August 2020 (Book Club rec. K) (rr)
James Frey; My Friend Leonard; May 2020
Robert Galbraith; The Cuckoo's Calling; December 2020 (Book Club Dec book)
Mike Gayle; Half a World Away; July 2020 (Book Club August K)
Cathy Glass; My Dad's a Policeman; January 2020
Iris Gower; Dream Catcher; November 2020
Jasmine Guillory; The Proposal; June 2020
Matt Haig; Reasons to Stay Alive; March 2020
J Paul Henderson; The Last of the Bowmans; September 2020
Georgette Heyer; Devils Cub; June 2020
Jennifer Hillier; Creep; August 2020
Victoria Hislop; Cartes Postales from Greece; October 2020
Ruth Hogan; The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes; May 2020
Ruth Hogan; The Keeper of Lost Things; October 2020 (K)
Khalid Hosseini; And The Mountains Echoed; July 2020 (Book Club)
Linda Howard; Midnight Rainbow; January 2020
Elizabeth Hoyt; Darling Beast; September 2020
Mark Jackson; The Revenge of Colonel Blood; April 2020
Michael Jecks; The Chapel of Bones; April 2020
Alice Jolly; Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile; August 2020 (Book Club August rec. K)
Penny Jordan; The Sheikhs Bride; March 2020
Toshikazu Kawaguchi; Before the Coffee Gets Cold; October 2020 (Book Club rec. K)
Alan Kelly; Help me Rhonda; June 2020
Diana Killian; Verse of the Vampyre; March 2020
Shelley Klein; You Know you're past it when ...; February 2020
Shelley Klein; More Senior Moments; December 2020
Andrew Lane; Young Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud; September 2020 (rr)
Andrew Lane; Young Sherlock Holmes Red Leech; October 2020 (rr)
Stephanie Laurens; What Price Love; May 2020
Stephanie Laurens; Impetuous Innocent; May 2020
Carole Lawrence; Edinburgh Twilight; November 2020 (K)
Carole Lawrence; Edinburgh Dusk; December 2020 (K)
Carole Lawrence; Edinburgh Midnight; December 2020 (K)
Ann Lethbridge; A Regency Courtesan's Pride; September 2020
Laura Levine; Murder has Nine Lives; March 2020
Johanna Lindsey; A Loving Scoundrel; September 2020
Isobel Linton; False Pretences; August 2020
Julia London; The Ruthless Charmer; March 2020
Julia London; The Beautiful Stranger; March 2020
TC LoTempio; Claws for Alarm; January 2020
Leonard Low; The Weem Witch; November 2020
G M Malliet; In Prior's Wood; June 2020
George Mann; Ghosts of Manhattan; June 2020
Sujata Massey; The Bride's Kimono; November 2020
Karen Baugh Menuhin; Murder at Melrose Court; November 2020 (K)
Laura Imai Messina; The Phone Box at the Edge of the World; September 2020 (Book Club Oct K)
Alexander McCall Smith; Trains and Lovers; December 2020 (rr)
David Michie; The Dalai Lama's Cat; August (Book Club Sept K)
Richard Montanari; The Violet Hour; May 2020
Liane Moriarty; Nine Perfect Strangers; March 2020 (Book Club - April)
Jojo Moyes; the One plus One; April 2020
James Nally; Alone with the Dead; November 2020
Maggie O'Farrell; I Am, I Am, I Am; April 2020 (Book Club - May)
James Patterson; The McCullagh Inn in Maine; January 2020
Ann Pearlman; The Christmas Cookie Club; October 2020
Stephanie Perkins; My True Love Gave to Me; February 2020
Jodi Picoult; A Spark of Light; August 2020 (Book Club rec. K)
Clare Pooley; The Authenticity Project; August 2020 (Book Club rec. K)
Julia Quinn; Everything and the Moon; April 2020
Julia Quinn; Brighter than the Sun; April 2020
Caroline Roberts; Christmas at Rachel's Pudding Pantry; January 2020 (Book Club Secret Santa)
Deborah Rodriguez; The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul; September 2020
Deborah Rodriguez; Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul; September 2020
Knud Romer; Nothing but Fear; October 2020 (rr)
Judy Rose; Is that Spaghetti on the Ceiling?; April 2020
Michele Scott; Murder by the Glass; March 2020
Fiona Shaw; Tell it to the Bees; December 2020 (Ray)
Joan Smith; An Infamous Proposal; August 2020
Susie Steiner; Missing, Presumed; September 2020
Heidi Swain; Mince Pies and Mistletoe at The Christmas Market; January 2020
Jodi Taylor; A Symphony of Echoes; April 2020
Jodi Taylor; A Second Chance; May 2020
Jo Thomas; Escape to a French Farmhouse; August (Book Club rec. K)
Doreen Tovey; Cats in the Belfry; April 2020
Amor Towles; Rules of Civility; July 2020
Anne Tyler; The Accidental Tourist; August (Book Club rec. K)
Fiona Valpy; Sea of Memories; December 2020 (K)
Nury Vittachi; The Feng Shui Detective; January 2020
Jesmyn Ward; Sing, Unburied, Sing; January 2020
A W Wilson; Accidental Hitman; May 2020
Various; Sherlock Holmes School for Detection; July 2020
Various (Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Mia Ryan); Lady Whistledown Strikes Back; July 2020
Various (Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins, Mia Ryan); The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown; June 2020

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Tell it to the Bees (Ray) hosted by greenbadger joined 16/7/20; (arrived 12/11/20; sent out 7/12/20)
Debut Novel Bookbox hosted by Plum-crazy joined 1/20; (arrived 10/7/20; sent out 28/7/20)
What the Reviewers Said Bookbox hosted by Nataliec7 joined 10/ 19; (arrived 10/1/20; sent out 16/1/20)
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Books read in 2020 : 121
Books read in 2019 : 109
Books read in 2018 : 84
Books read in 2017 : 102
Books read in 2016 : 108
Books read in 2015 : 102
Books read in 2014 : 80
Books read in 2013 : 87
Books read in 2012 : 81
Books read in 2011 : 75
Books read in 2010 : 73
Books read in 2009 : 70
Books read in 2008 : 60

(I now keep all my previous reading lists in a personal spreadsheet).

My very first unconvention 2021.

The weather in the area for me: (Since Weatherpixie seems to have dived over the horizon, I've never found another good weather app I can successfully insert here so this has gone).

And lastly,

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