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Books are my weakness, and I rarely miss an opportunity to browse in a bookstore (especially the independent bookstores and the new/used ones). I have a constantly growing pile of books to read, plus I borrow books from friends or the library, so I am never without a book in hand. I try to keep up on the forums to see if I have any books that can fulfill a wishlist or get a stalled bookring back in business.

NAMES ON MY FRIENDS LIST: a couple are "real" friends that I know outside of Bookcrossing but I am also adding Bookcrossers that I've participated in Rings or Rays with - my way of remembering them and, whenever possible, checking their profiles to see if I can help them with any book needs. Obviously I'm behind in adding bookcrossers so if we have been in a ray, ring or RABCK before and I've not added you, please do not be offended! :)

Mt. TBR totals 77...and counting. Goal is to get it under 50 by end of the year. Hard to do when I can't stop adding to it!

GOAL for 2008: Do more Wild Releases. I was disappointed early on when my few wild releases were never heard from again, so I started instead to just send books as RABCKs to fellow bookcrossers. Turns out I am missing the fun of just setting a book free! So now I am working on upping those wild release numbers...wish me luck!


Dogs of Babel (started by carlissa)
Like Water For Chocolate (started by surfenkitten)
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (started by guinneth)
Son of a Witch (started by pkboo)
Bloodsucking Fiends (started by RCLoriH)
Thanksgiving (started by timollie5502)
Candyfreak (started by PokPok)

BOOKRINGS IN PROGRESS that I am participating in:

The Thirteenth Tale (started by Bookworm-Lady)

BOOKRINGS I've run that are finished:

MY WISHLIST: a work-in-progress, I am compiling this more for myself to keep a list of books I'd like to read/purchase. Plus, don't all Bookcrossers have one? :) I just signed up for Cliffs so bear with me while I get around to adding titles (3/13/2008)
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