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We are Official BookCrossing Zone in a very heart of Central Asia. Our goal is to collect as many as possible diverse modern or simply good books to contribute to the books' bank of National Library (opened in March 2012).

Similarly to many former USSR republics, Tajikistan did not see much of the publishing of their own authors and their native language during the soviet era. Then, disturbed by the civil war local economy did not see books production as quite a priority, which in the end brought us to the state we are currently in - the publishing business is almost non-existent here, while most books are being imported from Russia and still you can count on one hand fingers the number of book stores that sell non-educational publications or libraries that are able to offer modern books or works by contemporary authors. To summarise all the above, there is a great demand for new and fresh printings.

The Government of Tajikistan is now completing the construction of the new National Library to be open in March 2012. However, the biggest population's concern is there won't be enough books to fill it in. Therefore, our virtual community decided to open own stand there composed of private donations. We would also like to have a separate bookcrossing dedicated shelf there to both promote the concept and advertise ourselves. This OBCZ will be managed by musume until August 2012, at which point we will evaluate our achievements and decide on how to proceed.

We will very much appreciate any literature support from BC-members from around the world as we are sure that a book in any language will be able to find its reader in multicultural Tajikistan!

Note: we listed ourselves under OBCZs here: Tajikistan > Dushanbe > Dushanbe > FaceBooks @ National Library
So please indicate us in your release notes when sending books!

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Already at this stage we would like to thank all the BC-members who responded to our request from all around the world: Annelis from Finland, Elskaliam from Sweden, Jenny-G from Australia, jmsmom from Oklahoma USA, JPixwing from United Kingdom, kasenka from Finland again, LiniP from Germany, PrincessRainbow from Austria, salvami from Ireland, schwester from Austria, Simson-Shilitoe from France, UnwrittenLibra from Texas USA, VictoriaWagtail from Sweden, Phoenix-Flight from the Netherlands, lukutuoli from Finland, Deepswamp from Sweden and many more!

We are truly encouraged by this expression of kindness and hope that each of your book will find its reader and link you to this amazing country!

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