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From Alexandria, Virginia USA
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FURBALL died on February 2, 2017.


The little lady in the photo is Koa. I also have elderly Magic, Koa's sister Nani, and the two kittens, Octavia the Bold, and Damiri of the Bad Attitude.

Fifty-something secretary, 5 cats, 6 bookcases full of mostly mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, some horror (P. N. Elrod, Stephen King). Plus the cookbooks in the kitchen, the gardening and home books in the living room, the short stories, classics, and non-fiction in the guest room, and random books scattered all over the place!

For the record, all of my registered books are up for grabs if they are still here. However, many of the AVAILABLE books are currently sitting on a book exchange shelf at my office. I'll try to keep an eye on them and mark the ones that are borrowed, but please don't get angry if one is missing just as you want it. Thank you!

I'M SORRY, BUT I CAN NO LONGER SEND BOOKS BEYOND NORTH AMERICA, DUE TO THE U.S. POST OFFICE DISCONTINUING THEIR GROUND RATE. It costs more in postage than the book is worth. For example, a worn paperback that was $7 when new costs $12 to send to Europe.

I tend to be character-oriented, so my reviews reflect that.

1 = Didn't finish, don't care
2 = Didn't finish, may have skipped to the last page to find out who was still alive. May not be a bad book, but definitely not my cup of tea.
3 - 4 = Killed time; better than staring at the wall
5 - 6 = Good casual reading but will probably not read again
7 - 8 = Interesting; may read again in a couple of years (even excellent mysteries can end up at this level, simply because I know "whodunit.")
9 = Definitely will read again
10 = Zipped through the book fast the first time to find out what was going to happen, then immediately re-read it to find all the details. Have read it again several times since.

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